Should I bundle home and auto insurance?

If you have auto and home insurance through the same company, you can typically earn a discount on your overall rate. Most insurance companies offer a discount for bundling, but not all. If you can bundle your insurance policies, it's worth considering to help you save on insurance costs and make accessing your policies more convenient.

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What is insurance bundling?

Insurance bundling usually refers to buying home and auto insurance from the same provider. However, the term can also apply to buying two or more of any type of insurance policy from the same company. Many insurers offer a discount to customers who buy more than one policy. It can also be easier to access and manage all policy documents from one place.

Progressive offers a multi-policy discount for customers who bundle home, auto, motorcycle, and many other types of insurance.

How do I bundle my insurance policies?

All you have to do is quote and buy two or more different policies from the same insurance company. If the policies you purchase qualify, and your insurer offers one, you'll receive a bundle discount.

Can you bundle more than just home and auto insurance?

In many cases, you can earn a multi-policy discount by combining two or more policies, even if they aren't home insurance and auto insurance. You can bundle motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, renters insurance and RV insurance, or more. It's important to remember that some insurers will only provide a discount for certain bundles.

What are the pros and cons of bundling insurance?

Easier payments

You only need to make payments to a single company rather than multiple payments to different companies. This makes it easier to keep track of payments and ask questions about your premium, reducing the chance of forgetting to pay your bill.

Easier management

Having your insurance policies in one place can make it easier to manage, including checking coverages, updating coverages, asking questions about your policies, finding insurance documents, and even filing claims.

To avoid any concerns about losing out on the best rates by bundling, you can shop around for insurance policies and compare rates to ensure that bundling with one company makes the most sense. You can also continue to shop around for rates regularly and compare quotes regularly to make sure that you're getting the best deal possible.

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