How to renew your car insurance

Renewing your car insurance is typically an easy process. Your insurer will contact you via mail or email with your updated rate. If you accept the updated rate, simply make an initial payment or pay your renewal quote in full.

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How do I know when to renew car insurance?

You'll receive a notice from your insurance company several weeks before your renewal date informing you of any changes that have been made to your policy or premium. Keep in mind that the average car insurance policy lasts either six or 12 months.

Is insurance renewal easy?

With many insurers, including Progressive, all you need to do to renew your policy is pay the renewal premium. You'll receive a reminder from your insurance company to renew before the expiration date. Just be sure to renew your policy before the existing one expires to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage. In certain states, some insurers may require signed forms or other actions to execute the policy renewal.

What if I decide not to renew my car insurance policy?

If you choose not to renew your policy at the end of its term, inform your insurer before the renewal date. If you've set up an automatic payment plan, be sure to contact your insurer and cancel before the first payment of the renewal term is automatically paid. If you don't, you can still cancel your renewal policy at any time, however, depending on your state or insurance company, you may be charged a cancellation fee or additional costs if you cancel your policy mid-term.

Check with your insurer to see if you're required to submit a written letter of cancellation or if you can cancel online or over the phone.

Can I renew car insurance after it's expired?

If you failed to renew your policy before it expired, you may still be able to renew it based on how long you've been uninsured (though, depending on your insurer, there may be a lapse in coverage between the date your policy failed to renew and the date it was reinstated). Even if you can't renew your old policy, you can usually purchase a new car insurance policy without delay.

What if I don't renew my policy and drive without insurance?

Driving without an active auto insurance policy is illegal in nearly every state and puts you at financial risk if you're liable for injuries or damages resulting from an accident. And if you get pulled over, you could face a fine or license suspension.

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