Does homeowners insurance cover carpet and floor damage?

Home and condo insurance typically covers floors and carpet if the damage was caused by a covered peril. Scratches, dents, spills, and other mishaps may not be covered.

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How can home insurance cover damage to your floors and carpet?

Dwelling coverage, on your condo or homeowners policy, may pay to repair or replace your floors and carpet if they're damaged by a covered peril. For instance, if your home's floors are damaged in a fire, your home insurance may pay for new flooring, up to your policy's limits and minus your deductible.

Common floor damage scenarios


Your insurance company may not pay to clean the carpet or replace the floor if someone spills a drink, knocks over a can of paint, or your toddler decides your floor is the perfect canvas for permanent markers.

Scratches, dents, and cracks

If you drop an object that scratches, dents, or cracks the floor, your insurance company may not pay for the damage.

Water damage

Homeowners insurance generally covers water damage that's sudden and accidental. For example, if a pipe bursts or a washing machine overflows and damages your floor, you may be covered. But if the water comes from flooding, standard homeowners insurance typically won't cover it.


Seepage that occurs over a period of time may result in mold, which generally won't be covered by your homeowners policy. However, some states require your insurer to provide coverage if the damage from seepage is completely hidden and therefore unknown to the homeowner, such as a pipe inside a shower wall.

Does renters insurance cover carpet and floor damage?

Renters insurance won't cover the physical structure of the apartment, condo, or house you're renting. Your landlord's policy may cover damage to the floors or carpet from a covered peril.

Does home insurance cover pet damage to your carpet and floors?

Homeowners and condo insurance typically won't cover property damage your pets cause. So, if your new puppy uses your carpet as a chew toy or he likes the sound of his nails scratching the hardwood floors, your policy won't pay to fix the damage.

Does renters insurance cover pet damage to your carpet and floors?

Renters insurance typically won't cover damage to the floor of your rental from pets. However, for damages exceeding the amount of your security deposit, liability coverage on your renters policy may pay for damages caused by your pet.

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