Methods of golf cart theft prevention

You can break down golf cart theft prevention methods into physical, technological, and behavioral elements. Employing a combination of all three elements can help prevent thefts from occurring.

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What can you do to prevent golf cart theft?

If a thief is sufficiently motivated, they'll try to steal an item regardless of what anyone does to keep it safe. The best anti-theft measures discourage thieves from looking for a quick score. However, consider ease of use and the time commitment when deciding what security measures are best for you. You don't want to skip them because they're too time or labor-intensive.

What kinds of golf cart locks should you consider?

From a physical protection standpoint, there are four kinds of golf cart locks and upgrades to consider.

  • Steering wheel lock A steering wheel lock is an extendable bar with hooks on either end. When locked in place, it eliminates the ability to turn the golf cart's steering wheel.
  • Wheel boot A wheel boot is a heavy-duty clamp that affixes to one of your golf cart's tires. It immobilizes the cart by preventing the wheel from turning or rotating.
  • Pedal lock You'd use a pedal lock on the accelerator pedal of your golf cart. The golf cart can't be driven under power when locked in place.
  • Ignition key change Some golf cart types rely on a non-unique ignition key. That means a key for one make and model can start up any golf cart of that make and model. You can have a unique ignition starter installed to prevent this from happening.

Golf cart anti-theft devices

In addition to physical locks and key changes, you can also invest a little more and upgrade the security of your golf cart.

Kill switch

You can hide a kill switch underneath the dashboard of your golf cart that you'd flip to prevent your golf cart from being turned on while you're away from it. For instance, if a thief had a working key for your golf cart, they still wouldn't be able to turn on the golf cart with the key alone. They need to know there was a golf cart kill switch engaged and find the switch to get it to operate.

GPS unit

A GPS is not a golf cart anti-theft device, but it will help you or the authorities locate your golf cart. You can install a GPS unit in a hidden spot, so an opportunistic thief isn't going to try to find and disable it before they steal a golf cart.

Spotlights and cameras

If you park your golf cart outside at home, having a visible security camera can be a theft deterrent and a thief identifier. A motion detecting spotlight helps when creating a nighttime golf cart security system.

Other ways to prevent golf cart theft

If you keep your golf cart outside, there's a debate about whether keeping it behind your home is good. You could be more likely to see a thief going around to the back of your house. However, this lessens the chance that drivers or pedestrians passing by might catch a thief in the act. You'll have to make the determination based on your neighborhood.

Here are more steps you can take to help keep your golf cart secure.

  • Use a golf cart cover: If you keep your golf cart outside, placing a cover on it can deter theft.
  • Store in a garage or shed: Storing your golf cart in an outbuilding is the most secure way to store your golf cart if the garage or shed remains locked.
  • Be thoughtful about where you park: Parking your golf cart where you can see it or in a well-trafficked public location is your next best solution for golf cart theft prevention.

Is there golf cart theft insurance?

Many insurance companies also offer golf cart insurance, including Progressive. Golf cart insurance may include comprehensive coverage, which applies to both theft and vandalism of your golf cart. Your policy may pay for repair or replacement in the event of a covered incident. Learn more about what golf cart insurance covers.

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