When you can get life insurance without a medical exam

If you're healthy, there are some companies that will waive the medical exam entirely for certain types of life insurance. Pending health risks and likelihood of an early or premature death may seem less likely. That means you're a lower risk, and the approval process can be expedited. Plus, your lifestyle profile could also help you get lower life insurance rates.

This can hold true for many types, including final expense insurance, permanent life insurance, and term life insurance.

You may also be able to skip the exam entirely if you'd like. You could do this for personal reasons, such as having a riskier occupation (window washer, construction worker, racecar driver, etc.), being a smoker, managing a health condition—or even a fear of needles and doctors. But, choosing not to get a medical exam may not always be your best choice.

Why getting a no exam life insurance policy can cost more

Imagine how difficult it is for the insurance company to fully evaluate your lifestyle and health if it doesn't have all the "pieces" to make the best decision. This means you may not get the best rate available.

Get a life insurance quote and we'll help you compare rates from multiple companies. Then, you can decide if you want to get your medical exam or not (or if it's even an option for you).

How to get a medical exam for life insurance

The medical exam for life insurance is arranged and paid for by your insurance company. The examiner will review your medical history, take your height, weight, and your pulse. They may also take some tests, including blood pressure, blood test, and ECG/EKG, if necessary. This routine exam usually takes under 30 minutes. The life insurance medical exam can be done at the location of your choice, like your home, work place, or local clinic. In most cases, the exam gets scheduled right away and can take place in a couple of days of your initial application.