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Short-Term Life Insurance

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1-year, low-cost life insurance

Short-term life insurance is designed to provide your loved ones with financial support in case you pass away within one year of purchasing the policy. One-year life policies start at just $7 per month* with coverage levels going up to $200,000. At the end of your term, you can decide to purchase another year of short-term coverage, a longer term life insurance policy (starting at 10 years), or a permanent policy like whole life.

Why buy short-term life insurance?

How does short-term life insurance work?

Short-term life insurance coverage works just like a standard term policy, except that it's only in effect for one year rather than 10 or more years. If you pass away during the year of coverage, your beneficiaries can file a claim for your policy's death benefit, and they may use the payout dollars however they wish — to help pay off debt, cover end-of-life expenses, or pay for everyday costs. You can even name a charity as one of your beneficiaries.

When to buy short-term life insurance

One-year, short-term life insurance is designed for individuals just starting out with life insurance and those looking to fill a temporary gap in coverage (for example, if you're between jobs). A one-year term allows you to quickly access ample coverage with a flexible commitment. At the end of the year, you can purchase another year of coverage or get a different life insurance policy.

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