Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

What is final expense life insurance?

Final expense insurance, also referred to as burial insurance, covers end-of-life expenses including funeral arrangements and any remaining medical or legal expenses that will need to be settled by your beneficiary. This coverage can ensure that your loved ones aren't left with a financial burden, as the average funeral can cost $10,000 or more.

What are the benefits of final expense insurance?

Final expense insurance is an affordable way to ease your family's financial burden once you pass away, providing funds for your funeral, medical bills, and more. Here are some of the advantages:

No medical exam

Certain types of life insurance require a medical exam, but not a burial insurance policy. Unless you have a serious pre-existing medical condition, you'll likely be able to get coverage.

Lower premiums

Final expense life insurance rates start at just $58 per month for policies with coverage amounts ranging from $5,000 to $35,000.

Payment flexibility

You get to choose if you want to pay your premium monthly or annually.

Quick approvals

The application process is quick and easy, and coverage can be issued in days, sometimes even on the day you apply. Once you've been approved, your coverage starts immediately.

Lifetime coverage

Your policy never expires so long as your premiums are paid.

Builds cash value

Final expense policies can build cash value over time. Once the cash value of your policy is high enough, you can withdraw cash from it, use it to borrow money, or even pay your premiums.

What does a final expense policy cover?

Final expense insurance policies cover the costs incurred by the death of a loved one. There are a number of costs associated with a death, so having final expense coverage is important. Some of the essentials covered include:

  • Funeral arrangements, including embalming, casket, flowers, and services
  • Burial costs, including cremation, burial plot, headstone, and interment
  • Outstanding medical, legal, or credit card bills

How do I know if my beneficiary will use the payout for my funeral?

Once the funds have been paid out to your beneficiary, they can use the money any way they want. If there are funds remaining after paying for all funeral-related matters, the beneficiary may use the balance to pay outstanding medical, legal, or credit card bills in your name. Just be sure you choose someone you can trust to allocate the funds properly.

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