Can I get multi-bike motorcycle insurance?

If you own more than one motorcycle, many insurers will allow you to insure all your bikes on a single policy. This simplifies the logistics of multiple bike ownership: you'll only have one insurance policy to keep track of, one renewal each insurance period, and one number to call for claims. Insuring multiple bikes on a single policy can also save you money when compared to insuring them individually.

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How does multi-bike insurance work?

Depending on your provider, you may be able to add multiple bikes to a single motorcycle insurance policy. This simplifies the shopping, purchase, and renewal process and makes managing the insurance for your bikes easier. Multi-bike insurance typically covers as many as four motorcycles on a single policy, though some insurers may allow more. The premium for a multi-bike policy may be based on the motorcycle insurance cost for the bike that is the most expensive to insure. The other bikes are then added to the policy at a discounted rate.

That means it's often cheaper to insure multiple bikes on one policy than it is to buy separate policies for each bike. Learn more about how to get cheap motorcycle insurance.

Is there such a thing as multi-bike, multi-rider insurance?

Unlike auto policies, motorcycle policies don't require every household member of driving age to be added on the policy. Instead, only riders that are regular operators of the motorcycle need to be listed. Depending on your insurer, however, adding another rider to your multi-bike policy may come at a cost. Adding multiple riders could still be a good idea depending on your unique situation. While you probably will pay more for multiple riders than for a policy with only one rider, a multi-bike policy with multiple riders can still simplify renewals, claims processes, and paperwork compared to buying a policy for each bike.

Once you add your bikes to the policy, they'll all be covered with the same policy level coverages, such as bodily injury, property damage, motorcycle uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage. However, physical damage coverages, including motorcycle comprehensive insurance and motorcycle collision coverages, are bike-specific, and will need to be added to each bike on the policy as you see fit. For instance, customers with a multi-bike policy with a newer bike and an older bike might opt to have comprehensive and collision on the newer bike but leave it off for the older one since it isn't worth as much.

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Customers with a multi-bike policy with a newer bike and an older bike might opt to have comprehensive and collision on the newer bike, but leave it off for the older one since it isn't worth as much.

Are there restrictions on multi-bike motorcycle insurance policies?

Depending on your insurer, you may need to show that all the bikes on the policy are titled to the same rider (the policyholder), registered to the same address, and regularly parked/garaged in the same place. This is how the insurance company guarantees they're insuring one rider for multiple bikes, not multiple riders who may be on the road simultaneously.

Even if your insurer allows you to add different addresses, they may still need to be in the same state because different states have different insurance laws. Learn more about motorcycle insurance requirements by state.

Is multi-bike motorcycle insurance right for me?

Putting all your motorcycles on one policy rather than on separate policies can be a good option from a convenience and cost perspective, but that depends on many factors like your age, location, driving history, and the exact models you'll be insuring. When you get a quote, try comparing a multi-bike policy to the sum of costs for individual policies to see how much you'll save by putting the bikes together on a single policy.

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