What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company that protects your bike, scooter, moped, ATV, or UTV, any damage you cause while riding, and other events. As with auto insurance, you’ll select and purchase "coverages," which represent things your insurer agrees to pay for.

In a nutshell: It’s like paying a little now to avoid potentially paying a lot later.

How does motorcycle insurance work?

Whether you buy motorcycle insurance on your own, from an agent, or through a representative at a dealership, you’ll be asked some basic questions about you, your bike, and the coverages you’re looking for. These factors will affect your price for insurance. Then, if you damage your motorcycle or you hit someone/something else, you’ll file a “claim” with your insurer. If your claim is covered, they’ll pay for the losses or injuries up to your coverage limits.

Generally, more coverages means a higher price.

Do you need motorcycle insurance?

Yes. Motorcycle insurance is mandated in most states. If you ride without insurance or lack the proper coverages, you could get a fine, have your license revoked, suffer a court-ordered financial judgement that you can’t afford, or even land in jail. No worries, though— Progressive and most other insurers won’t sell a policy that doesn’t meet your state’s requirements.

How to get motorcycle insurance

At Progressive, you can buy motorcycle insurance anytime and usually get coverage immediately. This is ideal for when you need insurance to ride your new bike home from the dealership. You can print proof of insurance or download it to your phone in most states. Here’s how you can purchase a motorcycle policy through Progressive. Prices can vary depending on how you buy.


We’ll ask easy questions, then you choose coverages. Plus, we offer an online quote discount.

Call a rep

You'll speak with a licensed representative who will guide you through everything.

Through an agent

If you want local advice, we'll connect you with a licensed, independent agent near you.

Progressive is the #1 motorcycle insurer! Join Progressive today, and see why one out of every three bikes on the road is insured by us.

What’s covered

Standard coverages

These are the coverages available in most states. Remember, insurance won’t cover maintenance or general wear and tear.

Damages/injuries you cause

Liability: Is the only required coverage in most states. While it’s true that motorcyclists usually bear the brunt of a collision, liability insurance is crucial if you’re in an accident and are responsible for someone else’s injuries or damages. Liability coverage pays for:

  • Damage to other vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Damage to objects (mailbox, phone pole, house, etc.)
  • Other drivers’ and their passengers’ injuries
  • Lawsuits if someone sues you because of an accident

Damages to your motorcycle from events beyond your control

Comprehensive: This coverage protects your bike from:

  • Theft
  • Windshield damage
  • Vandalism, riots, explosions, and fire
  • Falling trees/branches/limbs and other objects
  • Rocks, debris, or other objects kicked up by other vehicles
  • Storms, wind, hail, floods, earthquakes, lightning
  • Accidents with animals (hitting a deer)
  • Your bike getting knocked over

Damages to your motorcycle from accidents

Collision: Covers any damage to your motorcycle if you collide with another vehicle or object, regardless of fault. You’re also covered if your bike is overturned.

Damages to your motorcycle from uninsured drivers/riders

Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage: It’s estimated that about 13% of drivers are uninsured countrywide, according to the Insurance Information Institute. If your motorcycle is damaged by a driver who isn’t carrying insurance or doesn’t have enough to cover the damage they’ve caused, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will kick in. This coverage will then repair or replace your bike up to your policy’s limits. Same goes for injuries you suffer at the hands of an uninsured or underinsured driver—we’ll cover your injuries up to the limits of your policy.

Your injuries

Medical payments: Pays for the medical bills for you and your passengers if you’re in an accident, regardless of fault.

Coverages we’ll automatically include on your motorcycle policy

Keep in mind, some of these coverages are exclusive to Progressive!

Custom parts

Accessories and custom parts/equipment: Most motorcycle owners are very invested in their bike, and have made numerous upgrades and customizations to their ride. That’s why we automatically include $3,000 in accessory coverage if you have comprehensive and collision insurance on your policy. If $3,000 isn't enough, you can purchase up to $30,000 in coverage.

OEM parts

Original equipment manufacturer parts: Progressive always repairs your bike with OEM parts if that’s what you had before. Or, if your parts were customized, we’ll use custom parts. Know that no matter what parts you have, we'll always replace them with the same parts or better, if available.

No rate increase for certain accidents

Accident forgiveness: We won’t increase your rate if you have a claim that costs less than $500. Plus, if you ride accident-free with us for four years, we won’t raise your rate for your first accident over $500.

Extra coverages

Brand new motorcycle if you total yours

Total loss coverage: Available for newer bikes. If your bike is totaled in a covered accident, we’ll pay you the full manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a new motorcycle, minus your policy’s deductible.

For example, if you bought your bike for $20,000 a couple years ago, it may only be worth $15,000 after depreciation. Now figure the latest model of the bike costs $20,000—well that’s exactly what you’ll receive after your deductible.


Roadside assistance and trip interruption: If you’re within 100 feet of the road and your bike is disabled, we’ll tow it to the nearest repair facility for free. You can also add “trip interruption” coverage which pays for food, transportation, and hotel expenses up to $500 per incident. Roadside assistance must be purchased before you can add trip interruption coverage.

Belongings on your bike

Carried contents and personal belongings: Covers personal items that you carry on your motorcycle, like phones, laptops, apparel, camping, and hunting gear, if they’re damaged, stolen, or fall off your bike.

25% deductible drop

Disappearing deductibles: For every claim-free policy term, we’ll subtract 25% from your deductible amount. For instance, if you buy a Progressive motorcycle policy and your collision deductible is $1,000, we’ll lower it to $750 if you haven’t filed a claim by your first renewal. If you’re still claim-free at your next renewal, your deductible amount will drop another 25%. And so on, all the way down to $0.

Lost wages if you’re injured

Enhanced injury protection: If you’re unable to work because you’re injured in a covered accident, Progressive will pay you up to $250 per week for two straight years. If you’re in a fatal accident, we’ll pay $25,000 to your beneficiaries, so enhanced injury protection also functions similarly to life insurance.

Full value for replacement parts

If you’re in a covered accident, Progressive will restore your damaged bike to pre-accident condition or better. For example, your damaged five-year-old front tire with 10,000 miles may only have a depreciated value of $50, but a new one costs $150. With Progressive’s no depreciation policy, we’ll give you $150 for the brand new tire (similar model).

How is motorcycle insurance priced?

Insurers will consider a variety of factors, and pricing all comes down to risk: How likely are you to crash your bike and what will it cost to repair or replace? Here are a few of the main factors that will determine your price:

Driving history: If your motor vehicle and insurance reports are accident-free, your insurer will consider you less likely to have one in the future. Same goes for violations and speeding tickets.

Type of bike: Generally, the more powerful the motorcycle, the greater the risk. Bikes with big engines will likely cost more to insure.

Age: Experienced riders are usually less likely to have an accident, and your rate will typically decrease as you get older. Some insurers may increase rates for older drivers, starting around age 70.