Can I get car insurance without a deposit?

No, insurance companies require some amount of money upfront before selling a policy. Your "deposit" or "down payment" is typically some percentage of your total premium. It isn't a separate charge or fee.

What are my options for car insurance payments?

You typically pay either a portion or the total amount of your premium when you buy a car insurance policy. Many insurers offer the following payment options:

  • Monthly payments: Paying monthly is the most affordable option for those on a budget but may result in paying more over the long term.
  • Six-month or twelve-month payments: Paying for a six- or twelve-month policy upfront can save you more in the long run, especially if your insurer offers a discount for paying in full.

How can I lower my car insurance rate?

There are a variety of discounts you could earn to lower your rate. Paying for your policy upfront is just one possible discount. Bundling your home and auto insurance can also save you more with many insurers. You can also find auto insurance discounts for having your documents sent to you electronically, quoting in advance, adding two or more vehicles to your policy, and more.

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