Does car insurance go down at 25?

Usually, yes. At Progressive, rates drop by 9% on average at age 25. But there are other cost factors impacting your car insurance, such as your claims history. So if you're in an accident right before you turn 25, your rate may not drop.

Average car insurance rates by age

Age Rate & change
17 and under Rate & change $206
18 Rate & change $230 (+12%)
19-20 Rate & change $203 (-12%)
21-22 Rate & change $176 (-13%)
23-24 Rate & change $153 (-13%)
25-29 Rate & change $136(-11%)
30-34 Rate & change $127 (-6%)
35-39 Rate & change $124 (-2%)
40-44 Rate & change $122 (-2%)
45-49 Rate & change $120 (-1%)
50-54 Rate & change $111 (-8%)
55-64 Rate & change $100 (-10%)
65-74 Rate & change $96 (-3%)
75+ Rate & change $101 (+4%)

Note: Table represents car insurance rates by age based on Progressive Personal Auto policies sold countrywide from September 2020 to August 2021.

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Teenage drivers

We know that young and inexperienced drivers are a cause for concern on the road and to their parents' wallets. But adding a teenage driver to your existing policy is usually more affordable than having them get their own policy. At Progressive, we offer a Teen Driver Discount and a Good Student Discount to help offset the costs of insuring a teen driver.*

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Senior citizens

Insurance rates are typically the lowest for middle-aged drivers, but car insurance costs for seniors may increase, even for those with a great driving record. Despite years of experience behind the wheel, older drivers can be more prone to car accidents due to physical, cognitive, or visual impairments, which may translate to higher rates. The good news is that seniors typically spend less time on the road which — along with driving safely — could mean savings through Progressive's Snapshot program.

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