Do I need RV rental insurance?

If you're considering renting an RV for an upcoming trip, keep in mind that your auto policy typically extends some coverage to your rented RV, as long as it's less than 12,000 lbs. Because many RVs exceed that weight limit, you may want to purchase a temporary RV insurance policy from your rental company or platform to ensure coverage. Other instances when you'd need a specialized RV policy outside of your auto insurance – even if the RV is less than 12,000 lbs. – is if you're renting a vehicle with more than four wheels, you're renting an RV for more than 30 days or the coverage needed for the full value exceeds your policy limits.

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Does my auto policy include RV or trailer rental insurance?

Similar to renting a car, your auto policy may provide coverage for driving-related incidents while you're operating a rented RV or motorhome. Always check with your auto insurance company first to ensure that your auto policy's coverage extends to an RV and travel trailer rental, including if you're towing a motorhome.

Keep in mind, there are some common caveats when it comes to your existing auto coverage and a rented RV. Things typically not covered by your standard auto policy include:

  • Vehicles exceeding 12,000 lbs.
  • Vehicles with more than four wheels
  • Drivers other than the individual named on the policy
  • Extended rentals lasting longer than 30 days
  • Coverage of the full value of the rented motorhome or RV
  • Non-auto incidents that cause damage to the motorhome while it's parked, such as septic tank issues or fires that originate in the RV's kitchen area

Does my homeowners policy include RV rental insurance?

Your homeowners policy may provide coverage for any theft of personal items from your rented RV or motorhome while it's parked, including digital devices, clothing, luggage, or other material goods on the road with you. This protection usually extends to any damages caused by a weather event such as a severe storm. As with your auto policy, check your policy to determine any specific limits on coverage to personal items when they're not located within your home.

The following are typically not covered by your homeowners policy while on a trip with a rented RV:

  • Injuries to visitors. In most cases, standard homeowners liability coverage doesn't extend to RVs and motorhomes.
  • Replacement of stolen or damaged personal items beyond your policy's value limits. However, if expensive jewelry is stolen and you already carry an endorsement for its full value, you may be covered.

Should I purchase temporary RV rental insurance from a rental company?

If you don't have auto insurance, temporary RV insurance through a rental company or RV rental platform is needed to cover damage you cause to the rental. In some cases, you can select the level of coverage, and the RV rental insurance policy cost will usually be bundled with the cost of the vehicle's daily rental rate.

Even if you're receiving some coverage for a rented RV as part of your existing auto policy, adding RV rental insurance from the rental company or RV rental platform can provide coverage above what your auto policy offers. Even if you're an experienced RV driver, the size of these homes-on-wheels makes them susceptible to dings and fender benders. The cost of repairs to these specialized vehicles is typically higher than for standard cars and trucks, so many supplemental policies can help bridge that gap by extending the limits of your standard policies. They may even offer added benefits, such as a rental car or hotel reimbursement if the RV becomes inoperable.

How much does RV rental insurance cost?

Because the expenses are often included as part of the rental, RV rental insurance costs can be difficult to assess. Prices vary based on the vehicle's size, model, and coverage limits you choose. In general, towable trailers and campervan rental insurance costs less than RV rental insurance for standalone vehicles. Be sure to factor in the RV rental insurance cost when budgeting for your next road trip.

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