What to do if your phone keeps freezing

If your phone keeps freezing or becoming unresponsive, turn it off and let it sit for a couple of minutes. If the issue isn't resolved after restarting the device, plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and check for updates. Be sure to restart after any updates. If you can't turn off the phone, you may need to force a factory reset. You can also take your phone to a dealer or electronics repair shop for help.

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Why does my phone keep freezing up?

Reasons why your phone freezes might include the following:

  • It needs to be restarted: If your phone hasn't been turned off recently, it may need to be restarted to complete an update or reset network connections.
  • It's out of memory: If you have apps, photos, music, or other information taking up most of your phone's storage, you may be running low on space, which can lead to slow performance.
  • There was an OS update: OS updates can include bugs that need to be worked out. If you recently updated your phone, something in the new operating system may be causing an issue.
  • The battery is failing: Phone batteries don't last forever, and they can cause performance issues when they start to fail.
  • An app is experiencing a bug: App updates can have bugs that cause problems with your phone, or they may rely on capabilities exceeding your current OS version.
  • You need to clear the cache: If your phone is holding too much short-term memory, you may need to clear it to improve your phone's performance.
  • Your phone experienced physical damage: Drops, submersions, and even power surges can harm your phone's ability to operate.

Other reasons why your phone keeps freezing

When a phone freezes can be a hint as to why it's freezing. Try to isolate when the issue occurs so you can research it further or get professional help.

  • Does the phone freeze at startup or factory reset?
  • Does it become unresponsive when you try to open a particular app?
  • Does it happen after the phone has been on for a certain amount of time?
  • Has the phone not been restarted or reset in a long time?

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What should I do if I can't stop my phone from freezing up?

If your phone has started freezing or becoming unresponsive frequently and you're not able to resolve the issue on your own, you may need to consult a dealer or repair shop that can run diagnostics. In the worst case, you'll need to replace your phone. Before replacing your phone, back up all the existing information you want to keep. A retailer or repair shop can typically help with this process.

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