Road Rage

Take the Test — Do You Have Road Rage?

Aggressive driving habits can threaten your safety, the safety of your passengers and others driving on the road. Many people experience some level of road rage while they travel on the road. Dealing with road rage and aggressive drivers involves patience and the ability to remain calm.

See where you stand with road rage — take the quiz now.

Yes or No, Do You ...

  1. Overtake other vehicles only on the left?
  2. Avoid blocking passing lanes?
  3. Yield to faster traffic by moving to the right?
  4. Keep to the right as much as possible on narrow streets and at intersections?
  5. Maintain appropriate distance when following other motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclists, etc.?
  6. Provide appropriate distance when cutting in after passing vehicles?
  7. Use headlights in cloudy, rainy, and other low light conditions?
  8. Yield to pedestrians?
  9. Come to a complete stop at stop signs, before right turn on red, etc.?
  10. Stop for red traffic lights?
  11. Approach intersections and pedestrians at slow speeds to show your intention and ability to stop?
  12. Follow right-of-way rules at four-way stops?
  13. Drive below posted speed limits when conditions warrant?
  14. Drive at slower speeds in construction zones?
  15. Maintain speeds appropriate for conditions?
  16. Use vehicle turn signals for all turns and lane changes?
  17. Make eye contact and signal intentions where needed?
  18. Acknowledge intentions of others?
  19. Use your horn sparingly around pedestrians, at night, around hospitals, etc.?
  20. Avoid unnecessary use of highbeam headlights?
  21. Yield and move to the right for emergency vehicles?
  22. Refrain from flashing headlights to signal a desire to pass?
  23. Drive trucks at posted speeds, in the proper lanes, using non-aggressive lane changing?
  24. Make slow, deliberate U-turns?
  25. Maintain proper speeds around roadway crashes?
  26. Avoid returning inappropriate gestures?
  27. Avoid challenging other drivers?
  28. Try to get out of the way of aggressive drivers?
  29. Refrain from momentarily using High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to pass vehicles?
  30. Focus on driving and avoid distracting activities (e.g., smoking, use of a car telephone, reading, shaving)?
  31. Avoid driving when drowsy?
  32. Avoid blocking the right-hand turn lane?
  33. Avoid taking more than one parking space?
  34. Avoid parking in a disabled space (if you are not disabled)?
  35. Avoid letting your door hit the car parked next to you?
  36. Avoid stopping in the road to talk with a pedestrian or other driver?
  37. Avoid inflicting loud music on neighboring cars?

Score Yourself...

Are you an Aggressive Driver or a Smooth Operator? Answering "No" to more questions means you're a more aggressive driver.

Number of "No" Answers How You Rate as a Driver
1-3 Excellent
4-7 Good
8-11 Fair
12+ Poor

Test questions taken from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.