Should I get a car insurance quote without personal information?

Getting an anonymous auto insurance quote might help you delay submitting your information online, but you'll eventually need to provide your personal details to your insurer. Keep the following in mind when deciding if you should get an anonymous car insurance quote:

  • An anonymous quote likely won't be as accurate as a customized one, since insurers ultimately factor in your driving record, insurance history, vehicle information, and other details when determining your auto insurance premium.
  • While you might be able to get an anonymous estimate, it's impossible to purchase auto insurance anonymously. Once you move past the initial search and quote, your personal information is required before the insurer can underwrite a policy.
  • An insurer needs your contact information before they can send you a detailed quote, enter into an insurance agreement with you, and provide you with your proof of insurance.

What information is needed for an anonymous auto insurance quote?

Some calculators can quickly churn out estimates with just your ZIP code and a few anonymous answers regarding your car and driving history.

Progressive's car insurance calculator, while it doesn't provide a quote, helps you determine what coverage is right for you, along with limit suggestions. Answer a few anonymous questions about your car, and we'll show you the required and optional coverages based on your input. When you're ready to take the next step and provide some personal information, you can get a customized auto insurance quote online or call 1-866-749-7436.

Can I get an anonymous home insurance quote or life insurance quote?

Like auto insurance, it's possible to get anonymous homeowners insurance quotes and life insurance quotes, but getting an accurate estimate will be difficult without providing your personal information. Your life insurance premium and home insurance premium will ultimately be based on your individual details, so providing your information upfront can lead to a more accurate estimate of how much your policy will cost. Learn more about average homeowners insurance costs and how much life insurance costs.