Does car insurance cover hail damage?

If you carry comprehensive coverage, hail damage may be covered by your car insurance policy after your deductible is paid, up to your policy's limits. Comprehensive covers damage to your vehicle from events outside of your control, including weather-related damage, theft, and vandalism. If you don't carry comprehensive coverage, your policy will likely not cover hail damage and you will have to pay for any repairs out of pocket.

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How is hail damage assessed on a car?

If your vehicle were subject to bodily damage from a hailstorm, you'd want to take photos of the damage. Then, send the pictures to your insurance adjuster, even if they're planning on visiting. Even the smallest size hail can cause significant damage to a vehicle because it hits the entirety of the car and not just one localized area.

Can hail damage total your car?

A bad hailstorm can total your car more easily than you'd think. Since hail typically hits the entire vehicle, the whole car is likely to be damaged, and such significant damage is challenging to repair. If your insurance company deems your vehicle a total loss, they will write you a check for your car's actual cash value, minus your deductible, instead of estimating repair costs.

Can hail damage be repaired?

Hail damage can sometimes be repaired by a process called “paintless dent removal.” During this process, the dented areas are gently pushed back to their original positions. Other repair methods can be more time-consuming and expensive, like filling and repairing dents or replacing damaged panels.

How do I file a car insurance claim for hail damage?

If you have auto comprehensive coverage , contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

If your car isn't totaled, the next steps depend on the insurance company. Some may cut a check for the expected cost of repairs minus your comprehensive insurance deductible, while others may wait and reimburse you for work done at a body shop. If you have a preferred body shop whose estimate is higher than the insurance adjusters, consider connecting the shop with your insurance company. Sometimes they can reach an agreement.

Will I need to deal with an insurance adjuster on hail damage?

Generally, you'll need to deal with an insurance claims adjuster for hail damage. The adjuster will evaluate the hail damage to your car and estimate the likely cost of repairs and the market value of your vehicle. If the cost to repair the damage will exceed the car's actual cash value, the car is considered a total loss.

Will a hail damage claim raise my insurance rate?

Insurance companies differ in how they review claims and violation history in determining rates. Some may increase your premium based on a single hail damage claim. Even if your insurance company doesn't raise your premium for one claim, they will add it to your claims history, and a history of frequent claims may increase your premium.

If you live in a hail-prone area, your insurer may raise the cost of comprehensive coverage because there is a higher likelihood of weather-related claims. Keeping your car in a garage or a covered parking spot can reduce the likelihood of suffering hail damage and a potential rate increase.

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