Pet wellness plans vs. pet insurance

A standard pet insurance policy usually covers accidental injuries and illnesses your pet suffers, sometimes referred to as a comprehensive plan. Some insurers may offer a more affordable alternative to a comprehensive plan that only covers accidental injuries. Neither comprehensive nor accident-only pet insurance plans cover routine or preventative care, in most cases.

On the other hand, a pet wellness plan covers your pet's routine care items and checkups. It's often purchased separately or attached to an existing pet insurance policy as an optional coverage.

What does a pet wellness plan cover?

Pet wellness plans help cover the cost of regular known care, such as vaccinations, flea treatment and prevention, and routine exams. There are different levels of pet wellness plans. The most basic options only cover standard checkups, but higher-tier wellness plans may also cover dental care and preventive surgeries, such as spaying or neutering a pet.

Some pet wellness plans include different limits on how much they'll reimburse you for various services throughout the year. For example, a basic wellness plan may reimburse you up to $40 for flea prevention each year, while a higher-tier wellness plan may reimburse up to $60.

What isn't covered?

While specific exclusions will vary from policy to policy, pet wellness plans generally won't cover the following:

  • Illness: If your pet suffers from a illness or disease, costs related to that condition won't be covered under a pet wellness plan.
  • Accidents: If your pet suffers an injury from an accident, costs related to that treatment are not covered with a pet wellness plan.
  • Pregnancy: Treatments related to a pet pregnancy typically aren't covered — except for the preventative procedure of spaying or neutering.
  • Grooming: Baths, haircuts, and claw or nail trimming aren't covered as they're considered luxury services for your pet.

Are pet wellness plans worth it?

Pet wellness plans can help cover the costs of routine and preventative care. If your vet visits are on the more expensive side, or if your pet needs a lot of preventative care, then a pet wellness plan may make sense for you and your four-legged friend.

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