Does renters insurance cover fire?

Renters insurance may cover fire damage to your belongings, up to the limits of your policy’s personal property coverage and minus any deductible. Your policy’s loss of use coverage may also pay for you to live elsewhere while your residence is being rebuilt due to damage from a fire. However, renters insurance generally won’t pay for damage to the unit or house you’re renting—your landlord is responsible for insuring the structure in which you live.

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Does renters insurance cover fire damage to property?

Personal property coverage on your renters insurance policy may pay to repair or replace your belongings damaged or destroyed in a fire. Items such as furniture, clothing, and electronics may be covered up to your policy’s limits, minus any deductible. Certain items, such as jewelry, art and collectibles, typically contain a sublimit. A sublimit is a specific maximum coverage amount for a specified item, review your policy to understand how all your belongings, particularly valuable items, may be covered.

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Does renters insurance cover a hotel stay after a fire?

If you’re unable to live in your apartment or rental house because of fire damage, renters insurance may cover temporary housing such as a hotel stay; your policy’s loss of use coverage may pay for you live elsewhere while your home is rebuilt or repaired, up to your coverage limits. Loss of use coverage may also help pay for your meals and other services during the period away from your residence.

Does renters insurance cover fire damage to a building?

Your landlord or rental company is responsible for damage caused to your apartment complex or house from a fire. If you’re renting a house, you landlord’s homeowners policy may repair or rebuild the home in case of a fire. If you’re renting a unit in an apartment building, the building owner’s business property insurance may pay to repair your unit due to damage from fire.

In the event that you’re responsible for the fire, personal liability coverage on your renters insurance policy may compensate your landlord or rental company for damages, up to your policy’s limits.

Does renters insurance cover smoke damage?

Damage from smoke is typically no different than fire damage when it comes to coverage from your renters insurance. Your policy may pay to replace your damaged items, up to your personal property coverage limit and minus any deductible. Additionally, your loss of use coverage may pay for lodging and groceries, above what you normally spend, if you have to temporarily move out of your residence due to smoke damage.

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