How to protect your car from hail

You can help protect your car from hailstorms by parking in your garage or under a carport while at home. If you get caught in a storm while driving, parking in a public garage or under a covered structure can help minimize the damage. If you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, your vehicle may be covered for hail damage.

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Tips to protect your car from hail

There are a few easy ways you can protect your car from hail.

  1. Find some cover: Parking in your garage or under a carport is the easiest way to protect your car from hail while you're at home. If you're caught in a severe hailstorm while driving, find temporary shelter, such as a parking garage, and wait for the storm to let up.

  2. Invest in a car cover: If you don't have a garage or carport, you could buy a cover for your car that wraps around the exterior, providing a layer of protection from falling hail. Alternatively, you can wrap your car in thick blankets and secure them with duct tape. Check your local forecast so you know when it's time to cover up your car.

  3. Get comprehensive and rental coverage: Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage caused by non-collision events outside of your control, like weather and fire. In most cases, comprehensive insurance will cover hail damage, too. Also, make sure you have rental car reimbursement coverage, an optional coverage that helps pay for a rental car if your car is being fixed or replaced.

Pro tip:

It's generally not a good idea to park under an overpass during a hailstorm. Since other drivers will be seeking shelter in low visibility conditions, you can easily end up in an accident. Plus, heavy rains can cause flooding near the overpass.

When is hail season?

It varies by region, but hail season generally starts in spring and can last into early fall. However, hail can form at any time of year. Some parts of the U.S. experience far more hailstorms than others, with the Great Plains region leading the nation in hailstorms. In fact, these five states experienced the most hail events in 2023:

The area where Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming meet is especially notorious for hailstorms, earning the nickname "hail alley."

How to add comprehensive coverage to your policy

Getting coverage for hail damage is easy, just add comprehensive coverage to your new or existing Progressive auto policy:

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