How do sewer line riders work?

Even a small break in a sewage line may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair and requires the displacement of a lot of dirt. Your yard may need to be dug up and then backfilled once the repairs are completed. Sewer line coverage may cover locating and repairing a line (including damaged seals), plus the costs of excavation, fusing, welding and cutting.

Coverage limits on a sewer line endorsement or "insurance rider," as well as what's covered, will vary by insurer. The endorsement or "rider" may protect against common types of damage to sewer lines and associated costs, such as:

  • Deterioration or decay
  • Excavation and backfill costs
  • Pipe replacement and repair
  • Reseeding the lawn
  • Inspection fees

The cost of an endorsement varies by insurer, but is usually fairly affordable.

Sewer back-up coverage

Many homeowners insurance companies offer sewage backup endorsements, but this type of endorsement only covers damage caused by sewer backups — not physical damage to the sewer lines. A sewage backup endorsement may cover the cost of replacing your floor and possessions that are damaged from the sewer back-up.

How to get sewer line coverage


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Call a rep

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Through an agent

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