New Car Insurance

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Shave time off your search and make savvy choices

Get a lower price upfront

Search only one site and get a discounted price upfront with the Progressive Car Shopping Service. You’ll find tons of options, new and used, along with photos and information to help narrow the list. When you’re ready to test drive and buy, you’re matched with local dealers who guarantee lower prices for Progressive customers.

Get the right insurance

We help you match coverage to your new car; you get (and pay for) only what you need. If you’ve bought new, for example, you might choose Loan/Lease Payoff (or Gap) coverage—which pays for the “gap” between what you owe on your car and what it’s worth if it’s totaled. FYI, there’s usually a grace period to add a new car to your policy.

Keep the new car love alive

Honor the promise we all make when we drive off the lot—to keep the new car clean, inside and out, and running well.

Quote & Buy Online