When does home insurance cover roof leaks?

Dwelling coverage on a standard homeowners insurance policy may pay out for costs to repair or replace your leaking roof. Your policy’s personal property coverage may pay to repair your personal items damaged by the leak, such as furniture and electronics. Perils that may cause a roof leak include a fallen tree and rain or snow damage.

Learn more about how homeowners insurance may cover ice dam damage, fire damage and damage to your home from a fallen tree.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from a leaking roof?

If your roof begins to leak, there's a high likelihood that other elements of your home could face water damage. If your roof leak was caused by a covered peril on your policy, then the cost to repair or replace things like furniture, floors, walls, roof and ceilings may be covered. Learn more about how home insurance covers water damage.

Does insurance cover roof leaks from snow and rain?

Homeowners insurance generally covers damage from a roof leak caused by snow and rain, up to your policy’s limits and minus your deductible.

When does home insurance not cover a leaking roof?

Homeowners insurance typically won't cover roof leaks that result from general wear and tear, damage caused by animals, and rot.

How to handle a leaking roof

Leaks can escalate from a minor issue to something more severe in a short window of time. Taking the following steps as soon as you notice a leak in your roof may help minimize the damage:

  1. Document the damage: Take photos of the leak and any items that suffered water damage.

  2. Temporarily mend the leak: Do what you can to prevent the leak from growing or causing additional damage to your home. This may be as simple as strategically placing buckets to catch water or something more hands-on like having the roof tarped.

  3. Contact a roofer: Have a pro inspect the leak to ensure the problem won't intensify. If they advise you to do so, schedule to have the roof professionally repaired or replaced.

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