What is motorcycle accessory coverage?

If you’re a proud motorcycle owner, you probably want to protect your entire bike, including any chrome or customizations you may have added. While aftermarket accessories may not be covered by standard motorcycle insurance, optional motorcycle accessory coverage can pay to repair or replace the upgrades you’ve made to your bike, and your equipment. You typically need comprehensive coverage, or both comprehensive and collision coverage, on your motorcycle policy before adding motorcycle accessory coverage.

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What’s covered by motorcycle accessory coverage?

Motorcycle accessory coverage can safeguard the extras that you’ve added to your bike, such as:

  • Custom paint

  • Custom wheels and seat

  • Saddlebags and windshield

  • Chrome pieces

  • Handlebars

  • Electronics

In some cases, riding apparel, including your helmet and other motorcycle protective gear, may also be covered by motorcycle accessory coverage.

How does motorcycle accessory coverage work?

If you carry motorcycle comprehensive coverage, or both comprehensive and collision coverage on your motorcycle policy, Progressive will automatically include $3,000 of accessories and custom parts/equipment (CPE) coverage for customizations, upgrades, equipment, and your accessories. If you need more than a $3,000 limit, you can purchase up to $30,000 in accessory coverage for most vehicle types. Motorcycle owners may increase their CPE coverage as they upgrade their bike. Note that a deductible applies for CPE coverage claims.

Example:You added chrome handlebars to your motorcycle two months after purchasing your motorcycle. The new handlebars sustain damage after a minor crash into a guardrail. CPE coverage can pay to repair or replace the chrome handlebars up to the limits of your coverage and minus your deductible.

Do you need motorcycle accessory coverage?

When you buy a new or used motorcycle, it’s important to know what parts of your bike are stock items. The dealership or the vehicle’s previous owner may have added aftermarket motorcycle accessories to the bike that a standard motorcycle policy may not cover. Motorcycle accessory coverage exists to go beyond what the manufacturer included when they assembled the bike. And if you’re continually investing in your bike, you may want the added protection that accessory coverage offers.

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