When is the best time to buy a motorcycle?

The best time of year to buy a motorcycle is usually in the winter. During cold weather months, even the biggest bike enthusiasts typically have their rides in storage, and you won't see many motorcycles on the road — especially in northern states. Consequently, there are less people buying motorcycles and less traffic at motorcycle dealerships, which means you may find better deals throughout winter.

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Why is winter the best time to buy a motorcycle?

Whether you're purchasing a motorcycle from a dealer or buying a motorcycle online, decreased demand in the winter months often equates to more discount opportunities. Here are some reasons why motorcycle sellers may offer a better-priced bike from late November through February.

Riding season is over

If you don't mind waiting a few months to enjoy your new bike, you can often take advantage of motorcycle dealers struggling to reach sales quotas during the winter months. But if you wait until the riding season begins, sellers can be less likely to budge from the motorcycle manufacturer's retail price because the demand for motorcycles is high.

Older models need to be moved from the sales floor

The best time to buy a new motorcycle is often at the end of the year. Motorcycle dealerships may offer the best deals on Black Friday or right after the holiday season ends, as they attempt to unload inventory to make room for next year's models.

Sellers want to avoid paying for storage and insurance

Private sellers may not have the means to properly store their motorcycle in the winter months and may be selling their bike at a bargain price instead of paying for winter storage. Sellers may also offer a favorable price in the off-season in order to avoid the cost of insuring their motorcycle during the winter months.

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What's the best month to buy a new motorcycle?

January and February are generally the snowiest months of the year and the motorcycle market is at its slowest, making it advantageous for you to buy a new or used motorcycle.

When is the worst month to buy a motorcycle?

The worst time to buy a bike is just prior to the start of the motorcycle season, when the weather first starts to warm. Riders are itching to get their bikes on the road and traffic at motorcycle dealerships is peaking. Motorcycle prices will be at their highest then, as dealerships likely don't need to make sales as badly as they do in the winter months.

While the spring and summer months may not be ideal for motorcycle shopping, you can still score cheap motorcycle insurance year-round.

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