Is renters insurance required in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, renters insurance isn't required by law, but many landlords may require it before you can move in. Look at your lease and confirm with your landlord if you're unsure. Regardless of whether your lease obligates you to purchase renters insurance, policies are generally affordable and can protect you against many common sources of financial loss. Most policies may even help cover losses you might not expect, such as temporary housing because of a covered loss that has caused your home to be not suitable to live in.

New Jersey renters insurance coverages

Check out the four standard coverages on nearly all New Jersey renters insurance policies:

  • Personal property protects your personal belongings, including furniture, clothing, and electronics.
  • Loss of use helps cover costs associated with an increase in living expenses, up to your policy's limit, if you're unable to stay in your home while it's being repaired or rebuilt due to a covered loss.
  • Personal liability protects you financially if you're legally responsible for another person's injuries or damage to their property.
  • Medical payments to others pays for medical expenses due to a covered occurrence.

Additional coverages

For tenants renting apartments, condos, or homes, the best renters insurance in New Jersey is always a policy with customized coverage limits. Here are some extra options for when you need more protection:

  • Certain valuable items, like jewelry, art and collectibles, may have specific limits on your renters policy. If your items exceed the limit, you may be able to purchase an endorsement for your policy, also known as "adding a rider," to cover the item for its value.
  • Personal injury: May pay for legal fees and damages if you’re liable for slander or defamation.
  • Water backup: Your standard renters policy may not cover water that backs up through sewers or drains or discharges from a sump pump. Water backup coverage may pay for the damage to your belongings and water removal costs.

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Common claims in New Jersey

New Jersey enjoys a relatively forgiving climate that isn't prone to most forms of severe weather, like tornadoes or harsh winter weather. Occasionally, hurricanes on the Eastern Seaboard can travel up the coast as far north as New Jersey, and “nor'easters” sometimes bring heavy winter precipitation to the state. Wildfires are a concern in rural areas, especially in the Pine Barrens area in the southeast. Your New Jersey renters insurance policy may pay for damaged personal belongings from a covered peril, up to your policy's limits and minus your deductible.

Are you moving to New Jersey and need to insure your personal items while in transit? Learn more about insurance for your belongings while moving or in storage.

Discounts on New Jersey renters insurance

Progressive offers several discounts to help lower the cost of renters policies in New Jersey, such as:

  • Multi-policy
  • Quote in advance
  • Pay in full
  • Secured/gated community

See more of our available renters insurance discounts.

How much is renters insurance in NJ?

Many components influence the cost of renters insurance in New Jersey, including your location and coverage limits. Still, an average renters policy costs less than $1/day on average. Learn more about how renters insurance cost is calculated.

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