Car buying calculators

Buying a car often means crunching a lot of numbers to find the best deal. Our calculators help make that part of the car buying experience easier. You can estimate your monthly car payment, determine affordability, calculate depreciation, and even see if leasing or buying a car is a better fit for you.

Calculate your monthly car payment

Our car payment calculator breaks down your monthly loan payment and the total interest you can expect to pay over the lifetime of your loan.

See how much car you can afford

Use our car affordability calculator to see if that vehicle you're eyeing is within your budget.

Figure out what your car will be worth over time

Our car depreciation calculator can help you ballpark your car's value over the next six years.

Compare the cost of leasing vs. buying

See whether leasing or buying a car is better for you with our lease vs. buy calculator.

Additional car buying resources

  • NHTSA vehicle safety ratings: Look up the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's safety ratings for new and older model vehicles.
  • IIHS top safety picks: Browse the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's top picks for safest vehicles in each size category, going all the way back to 2006 model year vehicles.
  • Car make and model info: Learn the basics about car makes and models, including how different cars might affect your auto insurance.

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