Hyundai car insurance

Learn how much Hyundai car insurance might cost, how car insurance works for a Hyundai, and which coverages you should consider.

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How much does car insurance for a Hyundai cost?

A Hyundai's cost for car insurance depends on factors like the model you have, how you plan to use the vehicle, location, driving record, age, and more. For example, a lower-cost Hyundai with high safety ratings might have a lower car insurance rate than a higher-cost model with lower safety ratings.

But there are plenty of other car insurance rate factors besides a car's cost and features. Get a car insurance quote today for an estimate that factors in your unique details.

Pro tip:

Your car's particular characteristics can have a different effect on your rate based on the coverages you have. For example, if your particular model is more prone to theft, it may affect your rate more if you carry comprehensive coverage, since comprehensive insurance covers car theft.

Are Hyundais expensive to insure?

Some Hyundai vehicles may be more expensive or difficult to insure based on their likelihood of claims. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the theft of certain Hyundai models that lack electronic immobilizers, making them easier to steal. If you have a Hyundai, you may have a higher insurance rate or, depending on your location, need to do some shopping around for car insurance.

How can I lower my Hyundai car insurance rate?

Hyundai owners may be able to get cheaper car insurance by qualifying for easy discounts like signing online* or going paperless. Find out how else you can save with Progressive by exploring all our car insurance discounts.

Learn more about how to lower your car insurance rate.

What type of car insurance do you need for your Hyundai?

Each state has a minimum required car insurance amount, regardless of the type of car you drive. Depending on your state, you'll likely need at least liability insurance for your Hyundai. You may also be required to get:

Consider covering your Hyundai with optional comprehensive and collision coverages in case it's in an accident or stolen or damaged by another unexpected event outside of your control. These coverages are typically required by the lender if you have a loan or lease on the car.

Learn more about the types of car insurance coverage.

What are the most popular Hyundai car models?

According to Hyundai America's 2023 Q3 sales report, while the Elantra is Hyundai's most popular sedan and one of the cheapest cars on the market, the Tucson is Hyundai's most-sold vehicle overall. The sporty 2023 Tucson SUV is an IIHS-HLDI Top Safety Pick+ in the small SUV category. The Tucson also has hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions and a performance-enhanced N-line version.

Hyundai models include:

  • Sedans: Accent, Azera, Elantra, IONIQ, i10, i20, i30, Sonata, Veloster
  • SUVs: Creta, IONIQ 5, Kona, Palisade, Santa Fe, Tucson, Venue

Hyundai offers several hybrid cars, a fully electric version of the Kona, and the award-winning IONIQ brand of electric vehicles — learn about insurance for EVs. Some of Hyundai's 2023 sedans and SUVs qualified as IIHS-HLDI's Top Safety Picks. Consider one of these top-rated options if you're buying a new car or shopping for a used car.

Fast facts about Hyundai cars

  1. In 1975, Hyundai produced South Korea's first mass-produced car: the Hyundai Pony.
  2. The Hyundai logo is not only an "H" but also signifies two people shaking hands.
  3. Hyundai has produced fan-designed Zombie Survival Machines in collaboration with The Walking Dead.

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