Car insurance for new drivers

New drivers need car insurance before they hit the road — most states require liability coverage by law for all drivers. You can get a policy, or if you live with another driver, they may add you to their policy. Car insurance for new drivers might be more expensive until you build up a driving history. If you avoid accidents and tickets, your premium may decrease over time.

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How much is car insurance for a new driver?

Car insurance for a new driver might be more expensive than for someone with a long history of good driving. But if you're a new adult driver (rather than a teen getting car insurance), you have the advantage of age — adult drivers are generally safer and cheaper to insure than teens. Learn more about how age impacts insurance rates.

Many other factors impact your car insurance rate, so it won't all come down to your years behind the wheel. For instance, your location and the make and model of your vehicle can impact your rate. Plus, there are plenty of easy car insurance discounts that can help you get cheaper car insurance, even as a new driver.

How to get car insurance for the first time

Follow these steps to get car insurance as a new driver:

  1. Determine which coverages you need

    Selecting your coverages will depend on what your state requires, your preferences, and your budget. Most states require a minimum of liability car insurance, and if you have a car loan or lease, your lender likely also requires auto comprehensive and auto collision.

    Explore all the car insurance coverages available and use our car insurance calculator to determine which are right for you.

  2. Gather some personal information

    Shopping for car insurance typically requires you to provide at least:

    • Your driving history: As a new driver, you may not have accidents or tickets to report, which should work to your advantage. Find out how accidents impact your car insurance, and how tickets can affect your rate.
    • Your car's make, model, year, and mileage: Your vehicle type, MSRP, age, safety features, and more can affect your insurance rate, especially if you get comprehensive or collision.
    • Your location: State laws will determine the minimum coverage you need. Plus, depending on your coverages, your location may affect your rate since certain areas are more prone to car theft, car vandalism, and other harm.

    Once you're ready to purchase a policy, you may also need to provide:

    • Your car's VIN
    • Your driver's license number
    • Your Social Security number
    • Other personal information like your address
  3. Compare rates

    To find the best car insurance for a new driver, compare car insurance rates for the coverages you want. Remember to compare apples to apples — you'll need to select the same coverages, limits, and deductibles to compare different insurers truly. Then you can play around with how changing those amounts increases or decreases your car insurance premium before you choose the right policy for you.

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