What are Tennessee motorcycle insurance requirements?

In Tennessee, motorcycle insurance is required for all riders. Whether riding in Memphis or Knoxville, you'll need to show proof of a policy that meets certain minimum coverages before you can register your ride or get out on the road. Learn more about what coverage is required.

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How does Tennessee motorcycle insurance work?

Tennessee requires the same basic coverages for motorcycles as it does for automobiles. You'll need coverage called bodily injury and property damage liability coverage (BI/PD). If you cause an accident, this coverage pays for damages or injuries you cause others. To comply with state law, your policy must provide at least:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 in total bodily injury per accident
  • $15,000 in property damage per accident

These minimum coverage limits are just that: minimums. You can purchase higher limits if you want, and if you can afford to, it's generally a good idea. Higher limits often make for higher monthly premiums but offer better protection for your assets if you cause an accident.

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What's included in a Progressive motorcycle insurance policy in Tennessee?

Progressive policies that include physical damage coverage always restore your bike to the condition it was in before the accident or damage occurred. We always use OEM parts to repair bikes that have gear from the original equipment manufacturer, and we always use custom parts to repair bikes with custom gear. We also cover those parts for their full replacement value – not their depreciated value – so you don't have to compromise when getting your bike back in shape.

We protect any modifications you've made, too. If your policy has comprehensive and collision, it automatically includes $3,000 in accessories coverage that can pay to repair or replace add-ons, customizations, or other upgrades. You can increase that coverage limit to as high as $30,000 when you make more upgrades – so your bike is always protected no matter how unique you make it.

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Tennessee law only mandates liability coverage that protects others, but many riders want the security of a policy that can pay for damages they incur, as well. Comprehensive coverage can pay for repairs when your bike suffers damage from natural disasters, incidents with wildlife, theft, fire, and other forces outside your control. Collision coverage pays to repair your bike after most collisions (except those with wildlife), no matter who was at fault. That means you're protected even if your bike was the only vehicle in the crash – like if you hit a tree or stop sign.

Even though Tennessee law doesn't require comprehensive and collision coverages, many loan agreements do. If you're still paying off your bike, check the terms of your loan or speak with your loan provider to find out what minimum limits they require you to purchase.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist

Another common coverage is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM), which can protect you when another motorist causes an accident but doesn't have enough insurance to cover the injuries they caused. UM/UIM can pay for the difference, up to your coverage limits. This is a popular coverage with motorcyclists because injuries and medical bills from a motorcycle crash can easily exceed the state's minimum coverage requirements.

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Other motorcycle coverages available in Tennessee

Your motorcycle policy can offer even more protection with the following optional coverages:

Medical payments can pay for bodily injury you or your passenger suffer in an accident no matter who was at fault. Motorcyclists may want to consider this coverage because motorcycle injuries are often severe and expensive to treat.

Total loss coverage pays for the total replacement cost (without depreciation) of a new bike in the case of a total loss. Available for motorcycles no more than one model year old on a new policy.

Roadside assistance covers the cost of towing you to the nearest repair shop and can even pay for incidental expenses if your trip is interrupted while you're away from home.

Carried contents offers coverage for personal effects or other belongings you carry on your bike if they're lost, damaged, or stolen.

Enhanced injury protection can pay up to $250 a week for two years if you suffer an injury in a covered accident that prevents you from working.

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How much is motorcycle insurance in Tennessee?

Insurance prices are personal. They're based on a huge range of factors like your riding habits, your age, your claims history, the kind of bike you ride, the coverage and limits you choose, and more. While the exact price you pay depends on your specific situation, motorcycle insurance costs in Tennessee tend to be higher than the national average based on Progressive’s pricing.

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Where to find cheap motorcycle insurance in Tennessee

Searching for the best deals on insurance can be overwhelming. Start by considering what coverages you want and what your budget is. Our customizable policies make it easier to find the right balance since you can tweak coverages, limits, and deductible amounts until you get the coverage you're happy with at a price you can afford. We also give you more opportunities to save with motorcycle insurance discounts like:

  • Multi-policy
  • Motorcycle endorsement
  • Switch and save
  • Responsible driver
  • Quote in advance

See all motorcycle insurance discounts.

Pro tip:

Bundling your motorcycle policy is a great way to lower costs. Riders in Tennessee save an average of 7% when they bundle multiple Progressive policies. Get a quote today and find out how much you can save with a multi-policy discount!

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