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From Myrtle Beach to the Blue Ridge Mountains, South Carolina offers residents plenty of beautiful places to enjoy the outdoors. If you travel with an RV in the Palmetto State – whether for a long trip or a weekend getaway – you should get insurance before you take off in your home away from home. Many RVs are required by law to carry insurance, and even if yours isn't, a policy can offer peace of mind and important protection if something unexpected happens while you're traveling.

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What are South Carolina's RV insurance requirements?

Like many states, South Carolina makes a distinction between RVs that have a motor and can move under their own power, and RVs that require another vehicle to tow them. Motorized RVs, also known as motorhomes (whether Class A, Class B, or Class C) are required to have their own RV insurance policy in South Carolina that meets the same minimum liability coverage limits as an auto policy:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 in total bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 in property damage per accident

In addition to the minimum liability coverage, motorhome policies must carry Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage for both Bodily Injury (UMBI) and Property Damage (UMPD). The minimum limits for UM are the same as those for liability:

  • UMBI: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • UMPD: $25,000 with a $200 deductible

RVs that don't have a motor – like travel trailers, cargo trailers, pop-ups, and so on – don't have to carry these minimum coverages. Instead, the liability coverage of the vehicle that tows them extends to any damage caused by the non-motorized RV. RV insurance for a trailer can still be a good idea even if it isn't required – RVs are investments, and a good RV insurance policy offers protections that your trailer can't get from the towing vehicle's policy.

What’s included in a South Carolina RV insurance policy?

Required coverages

All of our policies meet the South Carolina RV insurance requirements. Liability coverage may pay for damage you cause when you're at fault for an accident. Bodily injury coverage may pay for medical bills if someone else is injured, and property damage coverage may pay for damage to property like buildings or vehicles as well as legal fees related to the incident. Our RV policies also meet state requirements for Uninsured Motorist coverage, which pays for damages and injuries you suffer if another driver is at fault but doesn't have insurance.

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Comprehensive and collision coverages aren't required by state law but are usually required by financing agreements.

Comprehensive coverage may cover your RV from damage that results from forces beyond your control, including fire, vandalism, theft, acts of nature, and incidents involving wildlife.

Collision coverage may pay for repairs when your RV is involved in a collision, including multiple vehicle accidents and single vehicle accidents with objects or buildings.

What if I live in my RV full-time?

If you live in your RV most or all of the time, full-time RV insurance policies offer a number of benefits. In addition to the coverages that a standard RV insurance policy in South Carolina offers, full-time policies provide some coverages similar to those found on a homeowners policies. Some of the key differences are, but not limited to:

  • Personal liability: Unlike BI/PD that only applies while you're driving, full-time personal liability coverage may pay for damage you cause while you're not operating the RV.
  • Medical payments: Medical payments coverage may pay for medical bills if visitors like guests or repair personnel injure themselves in or near your RV.
  • Loss assessment: This coverage may pay for RV association costs, for example, if the association requires members to help pay for repairs to common areas.

Other RV coverages available in South Carolina

Besides the basics, you can customize your policy to meet your needs with our specialized coverages including:

Total loss replacement helps pay to replace your RV with a brand-new one if yours is deemed a total loss following a covered event.

Roadside assistance can help pay to get your RV to a repair shop if it breaks down on or near the road.

Replacement cost/personal effects protects the property you carry in your RV – like cell phones or sports equipment – up to the specified coverage limit.

Emergency expense keeps you from being stranded with up to $750 in hotel and travel costs if you're more than 50 miles from home and your RV is rendered inoperable due to a covered event.

Pet coverage protects your four-legged family members with as much as $1,000 in coverage for vet bills if your pet suffers an injury during a covered event.

Pest Damage Protection℠ helps pay to repair damage caused by wild animals like birds, mice, or squirrels.*

Roof Protection Plus® can pay for the cost to repair or even replace your motorhome's roof – regardless of whether the damage is considered normal wear and tear.*

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How much is RV insurance in South Carolina?

Rates for South Carolina RV insurance vary based on many factors, including:

  • Type and model: The more expensive your RV is to repair or replace, the more it costs to insure. It usually costs more to insure bigger, newer models than older ones and more to insure state-of-the-art RVs with lots of features than basic pop-ups and fifth wheels.
  • Claims history: Making claims can affect your rates.
  • Use: The more you use your RV, the more it usually costs to insure.

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Pro tip:

Delamination is a common problem for RVs and is not covered by insurance. You can help avoid delamination by resealing seams and inspecting your RV frequently. Learn more about delamination repairs and RV insurance.

How can I get lower rates for RV insurance in South Carolina?

Discounts vary from state to state but RV owners in South Carolina may be eligible for Progressive discounts such as:

  • Original owner: Get a discount if you're the RV's original owner and carry comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Responsible driver: Save money if you've maintained a clean record for the last three years
  • Homeowners: Get a discount for being a homeowner, even if you don't insure it with us
  • Prompt payment: Get a discount just for paying on time

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