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What are the motorcycle insurance requirements in California?

You'll need insurance to register your motorcycle with the state and to operate it on the roads. Like most states, California requires all riders to be financially responsible for damages they cause to others. Your motorcycle must be insured in California for a minimum of:

  • $15,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 in total bodily injury per accident
  • $5,000 in property damage per accident

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What’s included in a Progressive motorcycle insurance policy in California?

Progressive's physical damage protection restores all covered motorcycles to their pre-accident condition. We pay to replace with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and custom parts. Repairs made under our physical damage protection use the original value regardless of depreciation, so you always get back a bike that's in the same condition as before the accident.

All our motorcycle policies also include accessories coverage (also called custom parts/equipment or CPE) to protect upgrades, accessories, and other customizations you may have added. All policies come with a minimum of $3,000 of coverage, but you can increase it to as much as $30,000 depending on your needs.

Standard coverages

Our policies all include the liability coverages (called Bodily Injury and Property Damage or "BI/PD") necessary to satisfy California motorcycle insurance requirements. In addition, our standard policies may, include motorcycle comprehensive coverage, which can pay for damages outside of your control like theft, and motorcycle collision coverage, which may pay for damages to your bike that result from any collision, regardless of who was at fault.

Collision can even pay for damages that result from hitting objects like trees or telephone poles. Other standard coverages include medical payments coverage, which may cover your and your passengers' medical bills and uninsured motorist coverage for your motorcycle, which can help if you're hit by another driver who doesn't have the necessary coverage to pay for the damage they cause.

Other motorcycle coverages available in California

If you're looking for even more motorcycle insurance coverages than what's offered by our standard policies, you can customize your Progressive policy with add-ons like:

Total loss coverage covers the entire value of new bikes in the event of a total loss. Motorcycles no more than one model year old can be replaced at the cost of a brand-new bike if they're totaled.

Roadside assistance can cover the cost of towing your bike to the nearest mechanic and may even cover incidental costs if the accident happens while you're away from home.

Carried contents coverage protects any belongings you're carrying on the bike (cellphones, suitcases, etc.) when damaged due to a covered loss to the bike.

Enhanced injury protection can pay up to $250 a week for two years if you suffer an injury in a covered accident that prevents you from working.

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How much is motorcycle insurance in California?

Insurance rates are calculated differently by each insurer but typically include factors like your age, history of accidents, location, coverage limits, and how much you ride your bike. On average, California is one of the more expensive states for Progressive motorcycle insurance, though, so expect to pay more than the national average.

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Where to find cheap motorcycle insurance in California

Progressive is proud to be the country's #1 motorcycle insurance provider, covering nearly one-third of all motorcycles on the road. Our customizable policies ensure that you get the coverage you want at a price you can afford. Some of our motorcycle insurance discounts include:

  • Quote in advance
  • Multi-policy
  • Safe driver
  • Motorcycle endorsement
  • Safety course

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Pro tip:

Progressive's policies meet California's motorcycle insurance requirements. They can be customized with additional and optional coverages for anyone who wants to protect their ride and themselves in the case of an accident, regardless of the cause. Customize your policy for maximum peace of mind when you're on the road.

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