Missouri RV insurance

Your RV can be a place to escape during a vacation, or it can be your permanent home. Whether you're a weekend warrior or live in your RV year-round, you'll want to make sure you have sufficient coverage to meet state requirements and keep yourself safe on the road.

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What are Missouri's RV insurance requirements?

Missouri requires every motor vehicle, including motorhomes, to carry liability insurance. If a car can move under its own power, drivers must cover damages and injuries they cause. The legal requirements for motorhome insurance in Missouri are the same as if you were driving a car:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury

  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury

  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

Missouri law also requires uninsured motorist coverage in the following amounts:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury

  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury

If you have a travel trailer, you don't have to have liability insurance because any damage caused by your trailer is covered under the liability coverage of the vehicle that is towing it.

RV insurance doesn't have to break the bank. We offer liability policies for as little as $125/year.* Find out what your policy would cost with an online RV insurance quote for your motorhome or travel trailer.

Missouri RV insurance coverages

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage

RV liability coverage may cover damages to another person's property or injuries to another person. Bodily injury liability helps cover the cost of medical expenses another person incurs because of an accident you cause. Property damage liability helps pay for the repair or replacement costs of their vehicle and property.

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Comprehensive coverage may cover damage from circumstances outside of your control, such as theft, vandalism, fire, or severe weather damage.

Collision coverage may cover the cost of repair or replacement if your RV is damaged in an accident, or collision with objects like trees or roadsides, or even single-person accidents like a rollover.

Although comprehensive and collision coverage aren't required by law, you may need to carry these coverages if you financed your vehicle, depending on the terms of your loan. Learn more about RV comprehensive and collision coverage.

What if I live in my RV full-time?

Recreational RV insurance policies are similar to full-time insurance policies, but full-time RV insurance policies offer greater protections:

  • Personal liability: A recreational policy usually only covers you for liability while you're operating the RV. A full-time RV insurance policy provides liability coverage even if the RV is parked.

  • Medical payments: If someone is injured in or around your RV, medical payments coverage may help cover their medical costs.

  • Loss assessment: If your RV park charges fees for repairs, loss assessment coverage may help mitigate those expenses.

Other RV coverages available in Missouri

There's a long list of Progressive RV insurance coverages available to help suit your needs, including:

Total loss replacement helps cover the cost of a new RV if yours is totaled in a covered accident.

Roadside assistance covers the cost of a tow to a repair shop if your RV breaks down or can no longer move.

Replacement cost/personal effects pays for repairing or replacing your items if they're lost in a covered incident.

Emergency expense helps cover hotel and travel expenses if you're stranded over 50 miles from home.

Pet coverage pays up to $1,000 in veterinary bills if your pet is hurt in an accident.

Pest Damage Protection℠ can help pay for repairs when a wild animal like a bird or raccoon damages your RV.**

Roof Protection Plus® can pay to replace or repair the damaged roof of your motorhome, even if the damage is the result of normal wear and tear.**

Learn about all our available RV insurance coverages.

How much is RV insurance in Missouri?

Missouri RV insurance rates are influenced by multiple factors, including:

  • Type and model: The larger and more modern your RV, the more expensive it will likely be to insure. A motorhome will cost more to insure than a travel trailer.

  • Claims history: If you've made multiple insurance claims, your rates might be higher.

  • Use: The more often you use your RV, the more likely you'll be involved in an accident, and the more it will cost to insure.

Learn more about the cost of RV insurance.

Pro tip:

Consider adding optional coverages, even if they aren't required. These coverages can protect your RV against unexpected damages and the kind of nuisances you encounter on a road trip.

How can I get lower rates for RV insurance in Missouri?

You can save money on RV insurance rates through Progressive discounts like:

  • Original owner: If you're the motorhome or travel trailer original owner, you can get a discount as long as you maintain comprehensive and collision coverage.

  • Pay in full: Pay your policy in full and upfront, and you'll save on your premiums.

  • Prompt payment: Make your payment on time, every time, and qualify for a discount.

Find out more about all the RV insurance discounts we offer.


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