Beware of Assumptions

The Progressive quoting process provides you with the most accurate estimate for your premium because we've designed a unique system that can verify important information about you and your vehicle while you're online. We base our quote on facts, not guesses.

When you get online quotes from other insurance companies, they tell you that their quote is based on certain assumptions about you. They're using these assumptions, accurate or not, to calculate your rate.

The result? What you actually pay for your insurance may be higher than the price you were quoted.

Know what you're getting with an online quote. Here are some assumptions other insurers typically make when offering a quote and how that can lead to some big surprises down the line.

If you see this: It means this:
You have a clean driving record, no recent claims, and a good insurance credit score. Your actual rate will be higher than quoted if they find that you still have traffic or other violations on your record, previous accidents, or have a lower-than-average insurance credit score.
You and all drivers on your application have verifiable driving records. You could end up paying more if they can't verify the driving record of you or someone you want on your policy.
All of the vehicles listed in your quote are driven at least 7,500 miles annually. You'll pay more than you should if any of the vehicles listed on your policy are driven fewer than 7,500 miles annually.
Your vehicle has safety features that qualify you for discounts. If your vehicle does not have safety features such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, or an anti-theft device, your actual rate will be higher than the insurer quoted.
No driver listed on your quote requires a state filing. If any of the drivers you want to insure need to file an SR-22 or similar document to prove financial responsibility, your quote will be different-and most likely higher.
You and all drivers you want on your policy have had continuous liability insurance with a standard insurance company for the past five years. If any of the drivers you want to insure are considered high risk, have been insured by a nonstandard company, or have gone without insurance at any time in the past five years, you could be paying more for insurance.
You and all drivers in your household aged 19 and older have been licensed for at least three years. Any driver who you want to insure who is 19 years old must have received a license at age 16. If any drivers you want to insure are older than 19, they must have been licensed for at least three years. Otherwise, your rate may be higher than quoted.
All drivers reside at the primary residence and all vehicles are garaged and/or parked at that residence. Your rate will be higher if they determine that listed drivers do not all live at the address on the policy and all vehicles are not kept at that address.
Each rated driver is considered the principal driver and is fully licensed. Expect your rate to be higher if you have drivers on your policy who aren't fully licensed or who aren't considered principal drivers.

We want you to have all the facts about online quotes. Look to Progressive for industry-leading quote technology, superior online accuracy, and a no-surprises final rate.

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