Deciphering Disclaimers: Vehicles

When you get a quote, you need to identify the vehicles you'd like insured on your policy. Here are a few disclaimers you'll encounter about the vehicles you'd like to insure.

If you see this: It means this:
We make certain assumptions about you and the drivers and vehicles you want to insure. We're going to assume the drivers and vehicles you want to insure meet our criteria. If they don't, your quote could change. So, if we see that someone's driving record isn't spotless, we'll probably charge more than if it is spotless.
All of the vehicles identified in this quick auto quote are each driven at least 7,500 miles annually. You drive all of the vehicles you want to insure at least 7,500 miles per year. If the vehicle is driven less than that, it's possible you'll pay less for insurance.
Coverages and deductibles selected will apply to each vehicle. All vehicles will have the same coverage and deductibles. If you want Collision coverage for one car, all cars will have the coverage. If you want each car to have specific coverages, you'll have to get a different quote that is more time consuming and involves answering more questions.
Any coverage displaying a $0 premium for a vehicle does not apply for that vehicle. If you selected a specific coverage (Comp/Coll, etc.) for a vehicle and it's showing a $0 amount, you can't get that specific coverage for that vehicle.
Your vehicle has safety features that qualify you for discounts. We're going to assume your vehicle has safety features, such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, an anti-theft device, etc., which would qualify the vehicle for a discount.

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