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Driving veterans’ lives forward

See the impact of the Keys to Progress® program

Since it started in 2013, we've continued to grow and expand our reach through the Keys to Progress program. Whether it's going on The Today Show, adding new sponsors to support our veterans, or adding events in new cities, we are committed to supporting our military veterans and the work it takes to live out our purpose.

This program is a way for us to come together as a company to give back to people who have given so much. Across the country our employees are volunteering to select vehicles to be gifted, organizing fundraising activities for recipient families, and planning memorable moments for our annual event.

See the work in action

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Taking care of veterans is a value, one that extends beyond our Keys to Progress events and into our work culture. From veterans that are co-workers, friends, family members, or customers, we're proud to have so many connections to our country's great service people.

Our employees put in hundreds of hours to make our Keys to Progress event successful, but they also contribute to other military causes within our walls. MILNET (Progressive's Military Network) is just one example of that. They're an employee resource group, founded and run by our employees that work to support our country's veterans and active military beyond our annual event.

In 2023, the Keys to Progress program reached an exciting new milestone with over 1,000 vehicles gifted to veterans, veteran-owned small businesses, and veteran nonprofits. Watch as we celebrate this accomplishment and all the folks that helped us get here.

Celebrating over 1,000 vehicle giveaways

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