Snapshot® Plug-in Device Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: January 7, 2021

Terms and Conditions

Your participation in the Snapshot® program is expressly conditioned on your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions, you should not participate in Snapshot.

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies (Progressive) reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time. Modifications to these terms and conditions can be viewed by logging in to your policy through Continued participation in Snapshot by you will constitute your acceptance of any revisions to these terms and conditions. Please check this Web page regularly.

About Snapshot

Progressive offers a usage-based insurance rating program, called Snapshot, which allows customers to potentially save money based on their actual driving habits, like how they drive, how much they drive, and when they drive. Snapshot gives people more control over how much they pay for auto insurance, and can help make people safer drivers. With Snapshot, safe driving saves you more on your car insurance.

Customers who enroll in Snapshot will receive a small device to plug into their vehicle's OBD port, typically located beneath the steering column. The device collects and sends to us driving information for approximately one policy period, after which the device needs to be returned to us.

For more about the Snapshot program available in your state, please visit the web page for details.

The Snapshot Device

Getting the device. Participating customers will be mailed a device that plugs into the data port on eligible vehicles model year 1996 or newer, and which collects vehicle-usage information.

Enrollment. Enrollment in Snapshot will occur upon completion of the following steps:

  • you enroll in Snapshot either online, over the phone, or through your Progressive agent (where available);
  • you provide a valid email address;
  • you accept these Terms and Conditions for participating in the Snapshot program; and
  • you plug in a device in all vehicles enrolled in Snapshot within 45 days after enrollment.

Data Collected. The Snapshot device records "Snapshot Data," which includes vehicle speed and location using GPS, time information, Vehicle Identification Number, G force (in some devices), as well as when the device is plugged into and unplugged from the vehicle. Other information, such as miles driven and rates of acceleration and braking, is derived from the speed and time information. Location information may be used for underwriting purposes; to detect whether an accident may have occurred; to assist in resolving a claim, as further described in Acknowledgement / Consent; and for research and development purposes. Devices transmit Snapshot Data wirelessly to and from Progressive. Where you drive is not used in determining your personalized rate.

Usage Requirements. If the total time the Snapshot device is connected to a participating vehicle during the policy period in which you enrolled is insufficient for Progressive to make a reasonable determination of your driving behavior, renewal pricing based on Snapshot Data for the affected vehicle may not be applied and the participation discount, if applied, may be removed. If, at the second renewal following enrollment, the data collected is still insufficient, you will be removed from the Snapshot program and, in some states, you may receive a surcharge at renewal.

If the pattern of disconnections suggests that reported driving behavior may not be representative of actual behavior, renewal pricing based on Snapshot Data may not be applied; the participation discount if applied, may be removed; and, in some states, you may receive a surcharge at renewal.

Technical issues with the Snapshot device, or data quality or data transmission issues, may prevent us from providing renewal pricing based on Snapshot Data. Removal of renewal pricing for these reasons will not affect your future participation in Snapshot.

Property of Progressive. Devices are the property of Progressive and are provided by us for each vehicle you enroll for participation in Snapshot. Progressive and its vendors retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Snapshot device and firmware. You may not reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, alter, duplicate, translate, make copies, or create derivative works from the device or firmware, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the firmware, except to the extent allowed under applicable law. If applicable law permits such activities, any information discovered as a result of these activities must be promptly disclosed to Progressive and is deemed to be the confidential and proprietary information of Progressive.

Returning the Device. After the end of the monitoring period, you can use the original device package (and the postage-paid return label that was in it) to return the device to us. Please do not remove and return the device until we notify you that we have gathered enough Snapshot Data. Each device must be returned to Progressive. Failure to return the device to us in a timely manner, and in good, working condition (normal wear and tear excepted), could result in a charge of up to $50 to your policy account.

Acknowledgement/Vehicle Owner Consent

By enrolling in Snapshot, you represent that you have the consent of the registered owner of each vehicle in which a device will be plugged in to (a) plug in the device, (b) provide information collected by the device to us, and (c) permit us to retain and use the information as described in these terms and conditions. Once the vehicle information is sent to us, the recorded information will be deleted from the device. Progressive will retain information collected or derived from the device as required by our record retention policies.

Snapshot Data may be useful in determining the cause of an automobile incident or accident (accident). If you're in an accident, you may have a legal obligation to preserve the information on the device. This information may be sought by opposing parties in a civil lawsuit or by police when investigating the cause of an accident, or we may be legally obligated to provide such information in response to a subpoena or as otherwise required by law. You agree we may analyze Snapshot Data for detecting whether an accident may have occurred and offering assistance to you at the scene. In the event you have an insurance claim with us, you agree we may use Snapshot Data to assist in resolving the claim. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, validating the circumstances of the accident, such as date and time of loss and crash location; making liability and coverage determinations, and conducting investigations or policy and/or claims fraud and material misrepresentation; and any potential subrogation or litigation involving the claim.

The device uses a certain amount of current from the battery even when the vehicle is not turned on. Care should be taken in using the device in vehicles that have old or weak batteries, or that may go extended periods without being started. Also, do not plug in the device if the vehicle's ‘check engine' light is on. First have the vehicle serviced, and the error code cleared, before plugging-in the device.

Snapshot Data

Privacy. We're committed to protecting your privacy and earning your trust, and understand you may have questions about how we use the Snapshot Data we collect. In addition to our commitment to you in our Privacy & Security Policy at, we explain what we will and won't do with the Snapshot Data in our Snapshot Privacy Statement, located at

Viewing Snapshot Data. Customers will be able to review reports on their driving habits produced from Snapshot Data by logging in to their policy through or via the Progressive mobile app.

Snapshot Pricing

Snapshot Data will be used in determining your personalized rate for each enrolled vehicle, which may result in a discount or, in some states, a surcharge to your policy premium depending on your driving habits and conditions.

In some states and situations, Snapshot pricing works as follows:

  • Participation Discount. New customers to Progressive will be eligible for a Snapshot participation discount during their first policy period, contingent upon completion of Snapshot registration within 45 days of enrollment.
  • Snapshot Results. After collecting sufficient Snapshot Data, we will calculate a driving score based on that information and use this score to determine a personalized rate. Once we collect sufficient Snapshot Data to establish the driving score, our interpretation of what the score means in terms of pricing may change over time based on factors we file with your state's department of insurance. Snapshot results may also be considered in determining pricing tier and in making underwriting decisions. Your driving score will remain the same for each renewal, until such time as Progressive, in its sole discretion, elects to collect additional Snapshot Data to re-evaluate the driving score or you choose to re-enroll in Snapshot and provide sufficient Snapshot Data to recalculate your driving score.
  • Ending Your Enrollment. You can opt out of Snapshot before we have completed reviewing your Snapshot Data. If you opt out within 45 days of enrolling in Snapshot, we won't consider your Snapshot experience at all. In some states, if you chose to plug in the device and then opt out more than 45 days after being enrolled in Snapshot, you may receive a surcharge or loss of a discount to your policy when it comes up for renewal.

In other states and situations, Snapshot pricing works as follows:

  • Initial Discount. After plugging in the device and collecting 30 days of Snapshot Data, we will calculate an initial Snapshot score to determine discount eligibility and amount. (Note: vehicles are eligible for discount pricing only if the device is plugged in.)
  • Snapshot Results. If the vehicle is deemed eligible for discount pricing, once the device has been connected to the vehicle for a minimum of 75 days after the initial plug in, a second score will determine renewal pricing on a going-forward basis, until such time as Progressive, in its sole discretion, either elects to collect additional vehicle data to re-evaluate how the vehicle is being driven and recalculate the Snapshot discount, if any, or revises the discount factors.
  • Ending Your Enrollment. You may end your enrollment in the Snapshot program at any time, and we won't consider your Snapshot experience at all.

In some cases, the Snapshot program will affect the amount of your Paid in Full or EFT discount savings.

For customers in Maryland and Missouri who became Progressive policyholders prior to 2011, the program description and program pricing terms described above may not apply to your situation. Please refer instead to the Terms and Conditions provided in the device packaging mailed to you when you enrolled. For customers in New York, the Participation Discount does not apply, a surcharge is not applied, a minimum of 120 days of monitoring after the initial plug-in is required, and policyholders are required to be re-monitored every 36 months in order to continue participation in the Snapshot program.

For more specifics on how Snapshot is priced in your state, please visit

Use of the Device on Different Vehicles

The rules for transferring the device are as follows:

  • Replacing Vehicle: The device may be transferred to a vehicle replacing an existing vehicle on the policy that was enrolled with Snapshot. The new vehicle must be eligible for Snapshot, meaning the device must be compatible with the new vehicle. If the new vehicle is not eligible for the program, the device from the replaced vehicle must be returned to Progressive.
  • Removing Vehicle: If you remove a vehicle from your policy that was enrolled for Snapshot, you must return the device to Progressive.


We will periodically send you reminders and other information by e-mail and/or phone while you're participating in Snapshot.

Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability


Progressive reserves the right to modify or terminate the Snapshot program at any time and for any reason.

Patent Notice

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,754,424 and 9,916,625, and any additional patents and pending applications claiming priority from these patents, or otherwise related to Progressive’s usage-based insurance program, apply to the Snapshot program, device, and/or mobile app.