Tow Truck Insurance

As a tow truck operator, people depend on you when they're in distress. No matter what the situation — an accident or roadside assistance — your tow truck customers are counting on you. Why not select a tow truck insurance company that works as hard as you do to deliver superior customer service and value?

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Tow Truck Businesses We Insure

Progressive provides towing insurance coverages for a variety of tow trucks, including:

  • Medium/heavy duty tow trucks — dual/triple axle, including rotators
  • Service and other towing vehicles used in the business
  • Light tow trucks — single axle
  • Car carriers

Insurance for Tow Trucks

Whether you're storing a customer's vehicle or towing it, you need to make sure you have the tow truck insurance coverages you need, including:

  • Liability insurance, which covers you for any damage you cause to other people's vehicles or property.
  • Physical Damage Coverage, which pays for repairs to your vehicle if it's ever damaged in an accident such as a collision with another vehicle or a falling tree branch.

Additionally, we offer On-Hook Towing insurance and Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance to protect you when you're storing or towing a customer's vehicle.