FAQs for Engaging with the Flo Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

The Flo Chatbot is a Facebook Messenger app created by Progressive. It's your chance to interact with the famous Flo. You can get an insurance quote and ask her all of your burning questions about insurance and the mysteries of life. Go ahead and try it out today. Ask her about auto insurance deductibles, unicorns, and tacos, and even get your quote.

Chat with Flo on Facebook now

To help you out, we compiled a list of FAQs.

General FAQs about Flo Chatbot

Am I really talking to Flo?

In a sense, yes. The Chatbot embodies the true essence of Flo. That said, it is pre-programmed.

How can I chat with a real person?

You can just tell Flo that you want to speak to a real person or use the menu in the bottom of the screen (within the Flo Chatbot on Facebook) to select Contact Us. From there, you'll have options on how to talk to a real person.

What can I message Flo about?

The Flo Chatbot's specialty is providing auto quotes, but she'll chat about anything. Tacos, unicorns, Jamie—you name it, let's yak!

Flo's not understanding my questions or messages. What should I do?

Our Flo Chatbot knows a lot of things, but, unfortunately, not everything. If she doesn't seem to understand you, it just means we didn't feel confident we understood what you were asking. Try asking another way.

I don't see my vehicle listed. What should I do?

The vehicle(s) listed were found based on the address you entered. If you don't see the vehicle you want to include, just go ahead and type it in on your own. (e.g. 2016 Honda Accord)

I don't want to provide my information. Why do you require this information for my quote?

We only collect information that is necessary to provide accurate quotes for your specific situation. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

I made a mistake. Can I go back and change my answer?

Sorry! You can't go back within the chat. Once you complete your quote, we'll provide you a direct pathway into our quoting system, and you'll be able to review and edit any information and ultimately purchase if you choose. You can also type "Start Quote" if you'd like to begin a brand-new quote.

I entered all my information and now it's giving me a link. What's this?

Great! Just click on the link and you'll jump right into our quoting system to review or edit coverages and ultimately purchase if you choose.

I exited the chat! How do I get my quote information back?

No problem. If you didn't delete the conversation, you should be able to open it back up and see the conversation history, including a link to your quote if you completed one. You can also click on "retrieve quote" in the menu, and we'll show you where to go to retrieve a previous quote as well.

Can this help me with my claim or policy questions?

The Flo Chatbot can help point you in the right direction on how to file or get the status of a claim, or make an update to your policy. But it doesn't provide actual claim or policy details or facilitate changes...yet. We'll certainly be watching performance closely to see what features might add the most value in the future.

Can I buy a policy using Facebook Messenger?

Not directly through Messenger, yet. But, you can easily buy online after your quote. Our goal is to allow you to start a quote as easily as possible and then provide you a direct pathway to our quoting system to review or edit coverages and ultimately purchase if you choose. We'll certainly be updating the Flo Chatbot in the future and adding more features.

How do I use Facebook Messenger and how can I send a message to Flo?

If you're on a desktop, you can go right to the Messenger tab in your left-hand menu column or the Messenger icon on the top right and search for "Flo from Progressive". Or you can go to the "Flo from Progressive" page and click "Send Message" to get started. If you're on mobile, you will have to download Messenger. Good news is it's free and so easy to get. Here's the link for Facebook Messenger.

Flo stopped chatting with me. How can I get the chat to work again?

Sorry about that, we may be having technical difficulties—silly robots. Check back later and see if we've got it oiled back up again. You can always visit progressive.com or call us at 1-855-347-3139 if you need immediate assistance. Please note, if you asked to talk with a live representative, we asked the Flo Chatbot to not respond for a while to assure your questions were answered or concerns addressed.

Privacy FAQs about Flo Chatbot

If I enter my information in the chat, is it safe?

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your information. We use a secure server and security protocol to safeguard your information when you get a quote and purchase a policy. Any info you provide in the messaging thread is also subject to Facebook's privacy and data policy. We do not ask for highly sensitive information (e.g., SSN) inside of the messaging thread.

Will my quote be accurate?

Yes! If you enter accurate information about yourself, your drivers, and your vehicles, and it matches the information we obtain from third parties, such as your driving and claims history reports, your quote will be accurate. What you see is what you pay. In some states, the law may require the inclusion of additional coverages that may increase your quote, unless you reject such coverages as required by law.

Why do you ask for my Social Security number?

Like most insurance companies, we ask for your Social Security number when you get a quote. But this is optional, and you do not have to provide it. This helps us verify your identity and provide the most accurate quote. Your information will be kept safe and your credit score will not be affected in any way.

How will you use my email address?

We use your email address to allow you to retrieve your quote later and send you a summary of your completed quote. We will not sell your email address to other non-Progressive companies for their marketing purposes without your consent.

What is Progressive Direct's Privacy Policy?

Please read our full Privacy Policy.