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From an insurance ID card as close as your smartphone ... to the confidence that you made that last payment. New options give you greater control and flexibility.

  • Your projected rate, as it gets personalized with Snapshot

  • Monthly payments you can set to happen automatically

  • Easy DIY options, like adding a significant other

The Progressive App

Forget fumbling around for your ID card, or worrying that you missed a payment. The Progressive App makes insurance quick and easy.

Quick tips to manage your policy online

We make managing your Progressive policy online super easy. If you do ever get stuck, just give us a call. We have 24/7 support to help you.

Managing your policy online

Managing your policy online is easy. After you log in, click the policy you want to manage. You can make payments, view policy details, report claims, print ID cards or proof of insurance and more.

Paying your bill

Click “Payments” in the top navigation bar to display billing and payments info. The summary section will tell you if you have a payment due. You can also make a payment online, update payment methods, schedule payments and more.

Reporting and tracking a claim

Click “Claims” in the top navigation bar to open up the claims section. You can file a claim, check the status of an existing claim and review previous claims.

Printing ID cards and proof of insurance

Click “Documents” in the top navigation bar to get your ID cards, proof of insurance and other documents. You can download, print or select to have it mailed or faxed to you.

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