Repair Authorization, Final Invoice and Payment

Authorization and Payment Guidelines

The process for repair authorization, final invoice and payment differs slightly if the vehicle is delivered to the repair facility as a network referral or a Service Center referral.

Network Referral

  • Prior to beginning repairs, the Contractor will be required to obtain the vehicle owner's permission by means of a written repair authorization.
  • The Contractor is responsible for collecting the full cost of repairs from the vehicle owner. Generally, payments made by Progressive will be issued jointly to the Contractor and the vehicle owner.
  • Progressive reserves the right to issue payment to the vehicle owner and his/her lien holder.
  • The parties may agree to electronic forms of payment and\or batched payments.

Service Center Referral

  • The electronic notice from Progressive to the Repair Facility to pick up the damaged vehicle will constitute the authority to begin repairs, and will be subject to the provisions of Network Shop Agreement.
  • Progressive will make payment for the repairs to the Contractor promptly, once the vehicle is returned to Progressive at Progressive's facility, with all required repairs completed to Progressive's satisfaction.
  • The parties may agree to electronic forms of payment and\or batched payments.

Financial Invoice Requirements

  • Upon completion of the repair work, the Contractor will provide the Claimant (in the case of a Network Referral) or Progressive (in the case of a Service Center Referral) with a final invoice.
  • The invoice will specify the work that was done, the amount charged and the type of replacement parts that are included in the repair.
  • The form and content of such invoice and notice regarding the use of non-OEM parts must comply with Laws.