Charges Guidelines

  • The Contractor's final Charges for the repairs will equal the total amount shown on the Estimate, including any Supplements or revisions made or approved in writing by Progressive.
  • If a Progressive representative writes a Final Estimate, then the charges will equal the total amount on the Final Estimate, and not the Estimate, Supplements or any other revision.
  • Vehicles repaired under the Network Shop Agreement will not be subject to storage charges, unless otherwise agreed by Progressive in writing.
  • Vehicles picked up or delivered as a result of a Service Center Referral will not be subject to towing or other transportation charges.

Reconciliation Guidelines

Progressive will reconcile charges to the Estimate, and any Supplement or Final Estimate to determine if the:

  • Work performed by the Contractor matches the charges
  • Claimant will owe for any portion of the repair due to such reasons as:
    • Deductibles
    • Claimant approved non-related repairs
    • Betterment

Note: Progressive is not obligated to pay any charges that are:

  • Not part of any Estimate, Supplement or Final Estimate
  • Not agreed to by Progressive
  • The responsibility of the Claimant or other third party