Progressive Android App


Like most Android™ apps, we request your permission to access information and features on your device. This allows us to provide you with the best experience possible and lets you use all of the great functionality we have to offer.

Android's descriptions of these permissions don't necessarily reflect how our app actually uses those permissions, so we've provided a few details about how we use your information below:

  • Location: Uses your location to make it easier to file a claim, request roadside assistance, or find a local agent.
  • Camera, Microphone and Storage: Allows you to take and submit photos of documents that we've requested, as well as photos and videos of vehicle damage to help expedite your claim.

We'll update this page if we add any new functionality requiring one of the permissions above or additional permissions. For information about how we use your personal information, please review our privacy policy.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.