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What is Snapshot Road Test?

Snapshot Road Test lets you see what your good driving discount would be with Progressive without having to switch from your current auto insurer. Just let the Snapshot app log your driving for 30 days and you may earn a personalized discount based on your good driving habits — and not everyone else's.

There's zero obligation to purchase a policy, so you can put your safe driving skills to the test without affecting your current auto insurance.

How do I take the Snapshot Road Test?

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How Snapshot Road Test works

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Common questions about Snapshot Road Test

Why try Snapshot Road Test?

Is Snapshot Road Test free?

How long do I have to decide to switch to Progressive after my road test?

How does Snapshot Road Test differ from Snapshot?


How Snapshot Road Test empowers you to save more

Personalized driving tips

Get expert feedback on your driving that can help you score a bigger discount.

Detailed trip logs

See exactly where you stopped short, sped up too quickly, or used your phone.

Progress monitoring

Keep tabs on how well you're driving and how close you are to completing your Snapshot Road Test.

Don't forget, we'll let you know if you earned a discount once you complete the Snapshot Road Test. Then, all you have to do is start a quote to see how much you could save on a new Progressive auto policy.

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