Diversity and Inclusion

Progressive means moving forward, promoting change and improving how we do things. As a company, Progressive has always been proud to live up to its name by being an innovator in the marketplace and providing its customers with new, useful and more relevant products and services.

We know that to be progressive, we have to be of the community, not just for the community. As Progressive people, we're as diverse as the world around us. And it's this diversity that helps us to more intuitively understand what our customers want and motivates us to work together to meet their needs. In our daily doing, we appreciate our differences and welcome new ideas and ways of thinking so that we can truly move forward and keep improving how we provide insurance, serve our customers and reduce the cost of human trauma every day.

Progressive believes we should all be celebrated for who we are, the ideas we bring and the energy we invest. This commitment is integral to the people we hire and how we do business. Our diversity is embedded in our work environment and reinforced through an active network of leadership councils and employee resource groups that represent, empower and engage the differences that we share.

By cultivating a diverse, comfortable and inclusive work environment guided by our Core Values, we enable any one or group of us to develop the next big idea, achieve extraordinary business results and create a future of success.

Now that's progressive. And that's who we are.

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