Immediate Response® Vehicles

Since 1994, Progressive has used Immediate Response Vehicles (IRVs) - those white SUVs with the Progressive logo on the side - to give your car insurance claim a head start. IRVs transport our claims professionals wherever you need them: to repair shops, tow yards, your house or your work to help resolve your auto insurance or other claim quickly and accurately. IRVs are just another benefit of having auto insurance with Progressive.

Progressive introduced Immediate Response® Vehicles, known as IRVs, in 1994.

Progressive currently has more than 3,000 IRVs throughout the country.

Ford Explorers were the original IRVs, but Ford Escapes have taken their place as the official Progressive IRV.

IRVs are like mobile claims offices: Claims professionals are equipped with laptop computers, cell phones, printers and power sources to evaluate damage and injuries on the spot.

IRVs are called Immediate Response Vehicles because our well-equipped fleet is present wherever we handle claims.

IRVs are Progressive's most recognized icon.

IRVs are specially marked and outfitted vehicles that carry trained claims professionals to wherever customers need them.

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