Progressive Automotive X Prize

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE — a worldwide, multi-year competition to drive more choices in super fuel-efficient vehicles — started in 2008 with 111 teams and 136 vehicles.

Teams ranged from students to large manufacturers with the goal of inspiring a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles that can achieve 100 miles per gallon or the energy equivalent.

Through a series of rigorous on-track testing events, three vehicles emerged as winners in September 2010:

Team Li-ion Motors
  • Team Name: Li-ion Motors
  • Vehicle Name: Wave II
  • Powertrain: Battery Electric
  • Fuel Type: N/A
  • Class: Alternative (Side by Side
Team X-Tracer
  • Team Name: X-Tracer
  • Vehicle Name: E-Tracer 7009
  • Powertrain: Battery Electric
  • Fuel Type: N/A
  • Class: Alternative (Tandem)
Team Edison2
  • Team Name: Edison2
  • Vehicle Name: Very Light Car #98
  • Powertrain: Internal Combustion Engine
  • Fuel Type: E85 (ethanol)
  • Class: Mainstream

The winning teams collectively received $10 million in prize money, which they'll use to bring their vehicles to the consumer auto market.

Progressive supported this competition and funded the prize purse because we want to help make people's lives better by giving them more choices in safe, super fuel-efficient vehicles.