Report or Track a Claim

We hope you're okay; tell us what happened.

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This is exactly why you have insurance

It’s all hands on deck here when you have a claim—we’ll work hard to get your life back on track.

  • Easy estimate and repair options

    Snap a picture of your damaged car for an estimate with Photo Estimate (part of the Progressive App). Plus, we have plenty of network repair shops.

  • Updates in real time

    Always know what’s happening with your claim. You get regular, easy-to-understand updates as your car moves through the process.

  • Repairs are guaranteed

    All of the work done through our network shops is guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your car.

What to do on the road

Breakdown — With Roadside Assistance, a tow truck or service vehicle—whichever you need—comes right to you.

Accident — Follow these steps at the scene; we take care of the rest.

Dead Battery — Hook up your jumper cables to another car and be back on the road in minutes.

Help — Put the Progressive App on your phone to have how-to and claims information handy.