Service Center Virtual Tour

Take a guided video tour of a Service Center in less than two minutes!

Find out how we can manage your claim from start to finish and get you back on the road fast—up to two days faster than those who don't use a Service Center.

Just drop off your damaged car, pick up your rental and go. We'll call you when it's fixed, and we'll guarantee all repairs for as long as you own or lease your car, even if you move to another state.

So take the tour and take advantage of your free Service Center benefits if you ever have a claim. We'll be ready to help.

Progressive's Service Centers

Join Mike for a guided tour of our Service Centers—Progressive's one-stop shops for customers who've been in an accident. When you choose to handle a claim through our Service Centers, we manage all your car repair details to get you back to your life without all the hassle.

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[Open on card: Progressive Service Centers, with a picture of a Progressive Service Center.]
[walking out of a Progressive Service Center] Welcome to our Service Center. The one-stop shop for Progressive customers who've been in an accident. It's where we manage all your car repair details, so you get back to your life without all the hassle. Let's go inside. [opens door to Service Center]
[Inside the Service Center. It's very clean, white and modern. Service Center representatives are seated at a reception desk.]
Our claims service reps can answer any question you have about your claim. They'll review the damages to your car with you and assign the repairs to one of our pre-approved network shops.
We want you to feel comfortable. That's why our lobbies have plenty of seating and refreshments.
And a few things to entertain the kids. [points to children's table topped with activities]
If you need to rent a car, we have rentals available on-site to make things as easy as possible for you. [points to rental cars available on the lot at the Service Center]
[Fast forward into the vehicle inspection garage, with Progressive Claims reps inspecting damaged vehicles.]
We coordinate the repair process with a pre-approved network shop, who'll inspect and repair the damage, and before you pick-up your car, we'll perform a quality review, to ensure all repairs have been completed.
Through our service centers, we can get your car repaired and back to you an average of four days faster than customers who don't use a service center.
And those repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your car, even if you move to another state.
Our Service Center customers tell us that they really appreciate the service.
In fact, nine out of ten who manage their repairs through our Service Center would refer us to a friend.
[Fast forward back to the Service Center lobby.]
And we do everything we can to get you back on the road in the fastest, most convenient way possible.
[Montage of Claims representatives inspecting damaged vehicles. Service Center representative shaking a customer's hand and giving her the keys to her car. Service Center representatives working at the reception desk.]
[Cut to President and Chief Executive Officer, Tricia Griffith, standing in front of a group of Progressive Claims and Progressive Service Center representatives.]
Because we know you're counting on us.
[End card: Progressive Service Centers]

Please note: Some services described above are only available to customers who purchased coverages such as Comprehensive, Collision, Rental Reimbursement, Medical Payments, etc., before their loss. Coverage is subject to the terms of your policy. Please refer to your policy to verify which coverages you have.

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