Condo Insurance Discounts and Ways to Save

Looking for cheap condo insurance? Then start right here. We offer plenty of condo insurance discounts and other savings. Just get a condo insurance quote, and we'll start automatically applying discounts you qualify for.

Top condo discounts

Bundle condo + auto

Combine condo + auto and you can save another 10% (savings applied on your auto policy).** You can also combine many other policies, including condo and motorcycle, condo and boat, auto and RV, etc. You might get extra discounts for each. See more on bundling insurance.

Pay in full

This is an easy discount anyone can earn. Just pay for your condo policy in full and upfront and we'll add this discount.

Alarm systems and safety devices

If you have fire alarms, burglar alarms, or automatic sprinklers in your condo, you may get extra discounts.

New condo purchase

You could get extra discounts if you're purchasing a new condo (doesn't have to be newly built) or if you're switching from a renters to a condo policy (doesn't have to be a Progressive renters policy). Bonus discount: You may even get an extra discount for the age of your condo.

Single deductible

If you bundle condo and auto, and one incident/claim applies to both, you only have to pay one deductible. If you have condo and auto policies from separate companies, you'd have to pay two deductibles. This benefit is only available with ASI condo insurance. ASI is one of our network insurance companies.

For example: Someone breaks your rear window on your car and steals your belongings inside. Your auto policy covers the damaged glass and your condo policy covers your belongings. If you bundle and have a $500 deductible for each policy, you only have to pay one of those deductibles. With separate policies, you'd pay $1,000 in deductibles.