Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance

What is final expense insurance?

Final expense insurance, commonly known as burial insurance, covers end-of-life expenses including the cost of your death and funeral arrangements. The average funeral now costs between $7,000-$10,000, which can be a lot for families to take on at the time of a loss. Final expense coverage ensures your loved ones have one less thing to worry about while grieving.

Final expense coverage ensures your loved ones have one less thing to worry about while grieving, plus it’s affordable starting at just $20 per month.*

What can final expense life insurance cover?

While the intent of life insurance is to provide a lasting financial legacy for your loved ones, final expense insurance is designed to cover the costs your family may face immediately after you die, including:

  • Funeral arrangements
  • Burial costs
  • A trip to scatter your ashes
  • Unpaid medical and credit card bills at the time of your passing

Who can get final expense life insurance

Final expense is typically available for ages 50-85, even if you have a preexisting health condition. Ideal for those who don’t currently have life insurance, you can usually start your policy in 24 hours or less and there's no medical exam required.

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Benefits of final expense insurance

Final expense insurance is an easy and efficient way to give your family protection, thanks to the following advantages:

Lower premiums

Final expense life insurance rates start at just $20 per month,* with coverage amounts ranging from $2,500-$35,000.

Payment flexibility

You can choose between monthly or annual premiums.

No medical exam

Certain types of life insurance can require a medical exam, but you won’t need one to purchase a final expense insurance policy. Even if you’ve had health issues, you can often get covered.

Easy approvals

You usually won’t be declined for final expense coverage unless you have a serious pre-existing medical condition. You can often get a policy immediately or on the same day you apply.

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